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While authorized users deserve ready access to relevant information and insights, there can be no compromise with enterprise content security. With Sinequa Enterprise-grade security solution, users only see what they have access rights to see – even in search suggestions and drop-down lists. Access controls are updated dynamically, so they always reflect the latest permissions.

The Challenge of Data Collection & Analytics for Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies

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Native Security Rules Management

Native Security Rules Management

Information protection and security are paramount within Sinequa. The platform has been designed from the ground up to respect all security protocols and content access rights without compromise.

Security is at the heart of the Sinequa platform, from the point of data ingestion through to its intelligent search and auto-suggest. Not only will users not see content they are not authorized to view, but auto-suggestion and typeahead functionality is also limited to authorized content. Sinequa’s architecture includes role-based access control, as well as content-based access control, applied throughout the entire platform. Security is inherited from existing security and user roles or assigned to content or users by an administrator if permissions are not available from source systems.

Support of any Complex Security Model

Support of any Complex Security Model

Grant or deny access to information, thanks to security models that can be customized to meet your most advanced security policies.

Sinequa uses early binding and can handle multiple security models. Customers may also set up complex Security models like ABAC (Attribute-Based Control Lists), OGD (Ordered Grants and Denials), any tailored security model with help from a custom plug-in, and finally combine them all when needed.

With Sinequa, you are able to keep track of the security at any level of information, with granular control of security for a document, record, or even field.

Multiple Security Domains Management

Multiple Security Domains Management

Set up access rules, domain, role or content-based, or all of them. Sinequa sets the security profile using existing Access Control Lists, establishing Role-Based Authorization from Directory Services (e.g., LDAP) and security models that are specific to the data source (e.g., databases). The Sinequa platform simultaneously uses domain mapping to aggregate and consolidate user and group entitlements from all sources. The query engine compares the ACLs with the role-based entitlements, allowing or denying access accordingly.

User Authentication

User Authentication

We maintain state-of-the-art security policies and controls. Sinequa fully respects the permission model of each of its supported content sources, ensuring that every search result is returned only to the authenticated employees allowed to access it. Multiple Authentication capabilities include:

  • A regular login form
  • Automatic login (Single Sign-On/SSO) with OAuth2, SAML V2, Windows Basic, Kerberos
  • Advanced configuration (C# or Java modules), compatible with any proprietary authentication

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