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Sinequa includes an Angular UI framework designed for enterprise use. Starter apps provide a familiar and intuitive search experience out-of-the-box. The extensible framework is open-source and fully available on Github, giving you complete flexibility to leverage a variety of search and navigation components and customize them to meet specific needs.

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Our objective is to grant our wide and diverse community a centralized access to your Sinequa's resources, in the course of the Sinequa journey.

SBA-Angular Open source project

SBA-Angular Open source project

Build your custom insight applications on a robust foundation with our open-source, Angular-based application framework. Sinequa's front-end framework is fully published in open source at Github.

"SBA" stands for Search-Based Application. Generally speaking, in such an application, and because of large and heterogenous amounts of data, a search engine is at the heart of the application to retrieve and display only the most relevant pieces of information. Such applications typically embark on other technologies (like Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning algorithms) that, like Search, help turn raw data into relevant insights. To surface relevant information in various business contexts, "Insight Apps" is the name given to enterprise applications developed by using this SBA framework.

Specifically, in this framework, applications are built on Sinequa’s REST API (which provides access to data stored in indexes and functionality and algorithms packaged in the platform).

This framework aims to provide all the building blocks required to quickly develop and deploy rich and customized Insight Apps that perfectly match the requirements of a large and complex organization.

Additionally, the framework includes sample applications, like the Search Starter App and Analytics Starter App, which may be used as a starting point for your project.

Starter Insight Applications

Starter Insight Applications

Developing search-based applications to accelerate the delivery of business value just got easier. Sinequa’s Starter Apps accelerate deployment of Insight Apps, with the optimal combination of text mining NLP tools and User Interface (UI) components to quickly deploy multiple feature-rich applications tailored to the unique needs of your end-users. Sinequa’s pre-built Starter Apps are:

  • The Search Starter App is a fully functional, out-of-the-box UI that includes all the pieces of a standard enterprise search application without the need for any custom code.
  • For customers wishing to access insights across a large body of content, the Sinequa Analytics Starter App structures unstructured content and extracts valuable information for display on an interactive dashboard. This tool helps employees spot trends and relationships across vast quantities of data quickly and efficiently, providing insights to inform business strategy and drive better decision-making
  • The Usage Dashboard Starter App makes it easy to analyze and track the usage of Sinequa applications. It makes it easy to monitor and promote adoption by monitoring use and providing insights on how to smooth interactions and increase the value of Sinequa deployments.
Search UI Builder

Search UI Builder

Tailoring search-based Insight Apps can be time-consuming, especially for complex use cases, and may result in project delays and user discontent. Sinequa’s Search UI Builder is a no-code tool to easily create, configure and maintain search-based Insight Apps to address different use cases and personalize the search experience across user populations. Using Search UI Builder provides considerable benefits to Sinequa customers, such as:

  • Easy, no-code development of search-based Insight Apps. Sinequa’s Search UI Builder takes a no-code approach to designing Insight Apps. Because Sinequa’s Search UI framework is modular, individual components can be configured by an administrator with no developer skills to create a personalized user experience.
  • Improve search experience instantly. Quickly visualize the results of design choices. Configure the information layout using drag and drop functionality to change dashboard content, such as the type of metadata to display or the relevant facets for a particular view.
  • Accelerate delivery of search projects. Search UI Builder accelerates your projects with Sinequa by letting an administrator create customized search-based Insight Apps in no time without involving developers. All changes are made within the user interface directly – there is no need to go back and forth between the administration and your app or run compilation jobs. What you see is what you get.
Sinequa for Teams

Sinequa for Teams

Embed relevant information and actionable insights where your employees work with Sinequa insights apps integrated within Microsoft Teams. Sinequa4Teams makes Sinequa’s powerful search and analytics features directly accessible within the Microsoft Teams Application.

It provides employees with direct access to their favorite intelligent search applications and makes their organization’s content available at their fingertips, regardless of where it lives. With Sinequa for Teams, employees can:

  • Access the full power of Sinequa search-based insight applications directly in Teams
  • Find, analyze and share content directly from Team channels and chat discussions
  • Enable users to interact with content ingested in Sinequa directly
  • Search directly in chats and group discussions
  • Share retrieved documents with colleagues
Chart components

Chart components

Design your apps with pre-set analytics-driven components. The SBA framework proposes many available components, like:

  • Bar charts and pie charts based on FusionCharts or Ngx
  • Timeline modules
  • Google Map module
  • Heatmaps
  • Network graphs
  • Finance module, to display extracted amounts of money of any type (liquidity, revenue, contract amounts, shares, acquisitions, debt, losses, investments, bonds, etc.)
  • Tag clouds
Multiple result views

Multiple result views

Search results can be displayed in multiple ways depending on your needs and preferences. Depending on the ingested data and the expected search application, multiple result views are proposed, such as:

  • List view
  • Grid view, to display structured data into a dynamic table
  • Thumbnail mosaic
  • Charts

The various options include:

  • Infinite scrolling
  • Customization of the answer item with links, tags, relevant extracts
  • Info cards
  • Sponsored links
  • Automatically-generated thumbnails
  • Drop-down lists to select the answers order< (relevancy, date, title, filename, custom criteria)
Faceted search of many kinds

Faceted search of many kinds

Faceted search provides employees with the facility for using multiple filters to limit results according to different aspects and qualities. Sinequa offers the following facet feature list that can be set up and combined:

  • Single of multiple selections
  • Criteria inclusion / exclusion
  • Multi-facets as a facet, in favor of a more compact display
  • Tree facet
  • Sliders
  • Timelines
  • Diagrams
  • Embedded search engine to select the available criteria
  • Expand/collapse to save space when many facets are required
Document navigator

Document navigator

Sinequa’s Document Navigator offers employees a user-friendly interface for viewing their documents by:

  • Displaying the entire document in its original format, as well as relevant information about the document itself (name, location, and other metadata) and the ability to include links to similar documents, prior versions, etc.
  • Previewing and navigating documents and results in any format
  • Highlighting search terms and extracted entities
  • Providing navigation buttons to instantly jump to the section(s) of interest regardless of the document's length
  • Perform an intelligent search inside the document itself
Collaboration capabilities

Collaboration capabilities

Collaborative capabilities allow employees to combine their efforts and share information resources collaboratively. Sinequa helps them leverage the collective knowledge of the organization. Sinequa's out-of-the-box collaboration features include:

  • Collections that allow users to save and organize documents of interest
  • Labels (both private and public) to classify and share content
  • User ratings
  • Comments
  • E-mails alerts
  • Generated RSS feeds

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The Documentation Portal is the reference guide to all features and components of the Sinequa platform. In addition, the portal contains number of tutorials, how-tos, as well as the extensive reference manuals of our development frameworks, toolkits and APIs.

Download Center

Download Center

The Download Center is the place from where you can download the Sinequa platform, from the latest stable version to the most experimental one. Go through the various release notes, search for older versions your environment might require, and securely upload your files, should you want to exchange documents with the customer support team.

Support Service

Support Service

A Sinequa support portal is accessible by customers or partners who have been trained and certified by Sinequa. It lets you submit cases and track all changes in relation with our Customer Engineering’s team. The support portal is also a good entry point to submit feature requests or questions that require quick answers.

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