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Informing the Modern Workplace

Collaborative apps powered by intelligent search.

The digital workplace is going through a transformation like no other. Employees need to be more productive than ever as they increasingly rely on digital work environments to do their job. Sinequa helps employees discover knowledge and turn it into relevant insights, right within Microsoft Teams. The ability to quickly find relevant information and content is critical for making informed decisions, and ultimately delivering value to the business.

Sinequa has extended its powerful search technology to Teams to help enterprises elevate productivity and collaboration - all in one place. The Sinequa platform offers a single access point to content and insights that live within and outside the Microsoft ecosystem.

Does your digital workplace actually work?

Is your workplace experiencing:

  • Stalled productivity despite increased investments in digital workplace technology. Employees communicate and collaborate digitally more than ever before, but sharing knowledge and making good decisions is declining. Why? Because employees waste hours searching for information spread across silos and systems. They waste time re-doing work that has already been done, if only they could find it.
  • Hindered collaboration and knowledge sharing. Your digital workplace should empower employees to share knowledge and collaborate in ways that work for them.
  • Expanded data volumes and unconnected systems. Digital content and data is growing at exponential rates, and even with technology advances, systems stay unconnected.
  • Lost knowledge because of an aging workforce and employees leaving the company with their expertise and know-how. These cracks continue to grow as employees leave and costs continue to rise.

Unleash the power of Sinequa

Pfizer, Northrop Grumman, Franklin Templeton, and other leading global organizations trust Sinequa to help them become information-driven. Sinequa customers have successfully deployed insight apps across their organization to help uncover expertise, surface customer information, find critical product or part data, and much more.

Inform Collaboration

Inform Collaboration

Create a single entry point to content that lives within and outside the Microsoft ecosystem. Employees no longer need to search across many apps or data sources for the information they need to do their job. Sinequa can extract enterprise data and content from any touchpoint and deliver relevant insights to employees as they collaborate in Teams.

Inject intelligence into data and content

Inject intelligence into data and content

No content is created equal, and every job has a very different workflow. Data that lives within the enterprise is largely unstructured. Content is lengthy, and lives in many different versions and formats. The Sinequa platform helps normalize and learn from data and content, while allowing employees to use their natural language to surface it quickly.

Unleash Expertise

Unleash Expertise

Easily share content while collaborating and locate expertise without needing to know where to find it. Your employees’ expertise is one of the most valuable assets you have, but knowing who and where to look is difficult. Help employees locate expertise related to a specific topic, issue, or project.

Remove friction from any job

Remove friction from any job

Create a comprehensive, unified view of any topic - such as customers, products, issues, processes, and much more - to make better decisions faster.. An advanced analytics dashboard helps provide this complete view and cross-analyze content securely from all sources.

Proven benefits

  • Connect to all relevant information sources. With 200+ pre-built connectors and 350+ content converters, information can be discovered quickly directly from Teams.
  • Improve content sharing with a more complete search tool. Search for information directly from chats and group discussions, and easily share with your team. No need to leave Teams and sift through information in your CRM systems, content repositories, and other databases.
  • Collaborate with experts and uncover their work faster than ever before. Project teams can find experts to collaborate with and deliver better outcomes. Whether their knowledge lives within lengthy documents, Teams channels, or on personal hard drives, Sinequa helps employees quickly find expert knowledge fast without needing to know who has it or where it lives.
  • Ask open-ended questions using natural language. Sinequa has built an integration with Microsoft bots, which functions as a personal assistant for Teams users. Ask open-ended questions using natural language, retrieve answers from document extracts, and securely search for content across data silos.
  • Simplify workflows with 360-degree views. Custom insight apps can be quickly downloaded right with Teams, providing employees with personalized 360-degree views of all the information they need (and none that they don’t.). This complete view allows them to make better decisions faster than ever before. They’ll spend less time hunting for information that lives across systems, and more time collaborating and getting work done.

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