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IDC Manufacturing 4.0

"Augment Manufacturing Assets with AI-Powered Search & Analytics to drive Efficiency & Value" by Luc Manigot, VP Global Operations at Sinequa and Aurel Djoko, EMEA Solution Consultant at Sinequa

Big Data Paris 2019

“The lifecycle of Machine Learning project” by Eric Leibenguth, Solution Consultant at Sinequa.

KM World Washington 2018

"Becoming an Information-Driven Organization" by Scott Parker, Director of Product Marketing at Sinequa

Gartner Data & Analytics Summit Frankfurt 2018

"From Data Enablement to Information-Driven Businesses" by Hans-Josef Jeanrond, CMO at Sinequa

AI Expo Global 2018

"Cognitive Search & Analytics: Bringing the Power of Ai to Enterprise Search" by Martin Saunders, Senior Solution Consultant at Sinequa

AI Expo Global 2018 – Keynote

"AI-Powered Search: Propelling data driven organisations into the information age" by Hans-Josef Jeanrond, CMO at Sinequa

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