Expertalk 5 - Recent Evolutions of the Sinequa Grid Architecture are a Game Changer.

ExperTalk is a community of Sinequa Experts (Partners, Customers, Sinequa, Thought leaders) fostering technical exchanges among members to enhance know-how and good practices.

Within large and complex deployments, traditional distributed architecture principles have been widely proven by Sinequa customers.

Scaling out by adding role-based supplemental servers to host connectors, indexers, engines and webapps is a well known good practice to cope with Enterprise IT architecture constraints, compliance and also with the growth of the data volume. Recent deployments, encouraged by cloud adoption and hybrid architecture expectations have also demonstrated some limitations and in some cases, even single-points-of-failure.

After the release of the version 11.4.1, new architectural components have been released, to definitely remove such limitations and also improve reliability and performances in many cases. During this ExperTalk, we will describe these new components and their benefits, and we will answer all the questions you may have.

Not an architect? It's time for your first architecture lesson anyway!

Expertalk 5 - Recent Evolutions of the Sinequa Grid Architecture are a Game Changer

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'Expertalk 5 - Recent Evolutions of the Sinequa Grid Architecture are a Game Changer'

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