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Digitising Clinical Trials

The era of clinical trials as we know them is quickly coming to an end. Running a trial is expensive and there are commercial risks of failure. As the most critical stage of drug development, the outcomes affect the short and long-term future of the company. Most pharma companies are increasingly turning to digitising the trial process, to increase the sustainability, automate the process and increase patient adherence.

This webinar, organized by FrontLine Genomics focuses on the promise and future directions of digital clinical trials.

Most large scale analysis of clinical trial data only leverages part of the picture. Find out how patient-centric pharma organizations get the full insights to inform their clinical trials process. Jeff Evernham, VP Customer Solutions at Sinequa will show how the unique capabilities of Sinequa's intelligent search platform combines information from multiple data sources to offer your knowledge workers a unified, contextualized view of the information they need. This comprehensive picture of organizational knowledge results in better insights, more effective trials, informed decisions, enhanced compliance, and reduced time to market.

FrontLine Genomics Webinar

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