How AI is improving enterprise search and information access - Webcast Featuring IDC.

As we all know, information derived from data has emerged as a driving force in decision making for organizations of all kinds. We don't need to follow our guts anymore – and we absolutely shouldn't. Today, we should be capturing relevant information and using it to make smart, strategic, quantifiable, "information-driven" decisions.

Dave Schubmehl, Research Director, Cognitive Systems and Content Analytics at IDC will discusses how organizations are leveraging this technology to become information-driven and experiencing a myriad of benefits as a result, including:

  • Enhanced transparency for better decision-making and risk mitigation
  • Cost avoidance
  • Amplified expertise & accelerated innovation
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Elevated productivity across the board

During this webcast, Scott Parker, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Sinequa will highlight with real world examples how an AI-powered Search platform delivers relevant information from vast amounts of data in large corporations and government agencies.

Improving enterprise search

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'How AI is improving enterprise search and information access - Webcast Featuring IDC'

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