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Webinar Introduction au Search

Replay: Introduction au Search

La recherche d’information est une notion omniprésente dans nos vies aujourd’hui. Elle consiste à trouver l’information recherchée toujours plus rapidement parmi une grande collection de données qui ne cesse de croître. Quand on parle de Search, le premier grand nom qui nous vient à l’esprit est Google.

Enterprise Search

Replay: Spread Knowledge to Uncover Legal Risk

Learn how Sinequa helps law firms to uncover risks and maintain a high level of security. And discover the way that Stibbe used our enterprise search solution to gather all their knowledge and documents in a single entry point!

Enterprise Search

Digi-Tech Pharma & AI 2022

Learn how Sinequa is helping to drive scientific innovation in life sciences and how our intelligent search solution can optimize pharmaceutical industries' scientific search by retrieving data in a unique point of information with this webinar.

Enterprise Search
Webinar: Contextualizing Scientific Search with Pfizer, SciBite and Sinequa

Contextualizing Scientific Search with Pfizer, SciBite and Sinequa

In this webinar, learn how Pfizer is driving scientific innovation using internal compound search as an exemplar use case. SciBite and Sinequa are supporting this at an enterprise-wide scale through our ongoing partnership. Speakers include: Barbara Peters, (Pfizer), Steven Penn (Pfizer), Sam Shelton (SciBite), Jeff Evernham (Sinequa).

Enterprise Search
Knowledge Management Success

Knowledge Management Success Through Winning User Adoption

Learn from a leading global biopharmaceutical company - UCB - about their knowledge management and intelligent search success.

Enterprise Search
Strategies for a Modern Digital Workplace

Tying Knowledge to Action: Strategies for a Modern Digital Workplace

View this webinar to learn about the major trends around knowledge management and enterprise search, priorities for leading knowledge-centric organizations, and the business improvements that can be expected from search investments.

Enterprise Search

Transform the scientific search experience using customised ontologies with SciBite

Learn more about the unique value gained by pairing SciBite's expertise in creating, managing, disseminating biopharmaceutical ontologies with Sinequa's advanced cognitive search capabilities.

Enterprise Search

Wissen schafft Innovation, Innovation schafft Wissen

View the webinar with our guest speaker from Accenture, around modern Knowledge Management through Enterprise Search, to accelerate innovation and facilitate regulatory compliance. Video in German

Enterprise Search
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