How to increase manufacturers' intelligence in order to optimize their productivity, efficiency and thus create value.

IDC - The Future of Manufacturing

From design / production to operations, Sinequa helps manufacturing companies transform their raw industrial data into relevant information. Through its research and data analysis platform based on AI technologies including machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing (NLP), Sinequa helps its customers achieve the following objectives:

  • Increasing the employees efficiency
  • Create value and increase profitability through faster project completion
  • Reduce the time required to find expertise across the organization
  • Eliminate redundant manufactured parts and reduce errors
  • Reduce litigation as projects move more smoothly
IDC - Comment augmenter l'intelligence des fabricants

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'IDC - Comment augmenter l'intelligence des fabricants afin d'optimiser leur productivité, leur efficacité et ainsi créer de la valeur'

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