Digital Business Collaboration: Making Knowledge Discoverable.

Sinequa at Digital Business Collaboration Europe 2021 – the digital event around innovative digital collaboration tools and platforms.

Hybrid workplaces are heavily dependent on technology and access to internal information, everywhere and at all times. Large enterprises provide their employees with a large toolbox full of business applications like Office 365, communication tools like Yammer and Slack, and intranet platforms. Chaotic workplaces are the result, with disconnected systems, knowledge loss, and therefore a failure to deliver full business value.

For organizations to truly become knowledge-centric, they need a complete enterprise search solution. Not only does it save employees’ time, but it impacts strategic priorities, including cost savings, revenue increases, and risk mitigation.

Watch the recording now, to explore:

  • how Sinequa's Intelligent Search Platform helps to access information in a single source
  • how others like Société Générale use Sinequa as part of their Intranet solution to improve productivity
  • how the partnership with Microsoft supports our customers to provide Sinequa within MS Teams
Alana Cento - Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Sinequa

Alana Cento

Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Sinequa

Digital Business Collaboration

Watch the video now

"Digital Business Collaboration: Making Knowledge Discoverable"

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