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Search changed our lives. Combined with GenAI, it can revolutionize the workplace. Sinequa brings comprehensive, accurate, and search-based AI Assistants to your enterprise.


Everything available with one query

Seamlessly connect to all applications and repositories, from O365, and fileshares to MSG, PLM, ERP, and CRM to databases and BI tools, and all specialized in-house systems. Over 200 connectors and 350 formats for all forms of unstructured content as well as structured data.

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World-class, pervasive security

Rest easy with no fear of data leaks or information seen by the wrong eyes. Robust security controls are at the foundation of Sinequa’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, trusted by the world’s most secure organizations. Sinequa inherits and honors your existing permissions to ensure that employees only see what they’re authorized to see.

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Everything you need, in one package

Sinequa is a fully integrated, comprehensive content pipeline that manages everything from connecting and ingesting source content to delivering results. Configure and deploy multiple search-based applications across different departments and use cases using the no-code UI Builder. With Sinequa, there is nothing else to buy or integrate…ever.

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AI-Powered search relevance. At its best.

Hybrid Neural Search combines NLP-enhanced keyword retrieval with specially-developed vector deep learning. Our LLM-based semantic reranker delivers superior accuracy. Optimized orchestration of query and thoughts through our GenAI Assistant achieves unmatched relevance.

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End-to-end orchestration

Stitching together a PoC is a far cry from managing a production deployment. Sinequa handles everything for you with built-in orchestration tools for robust monitoring and complete control of the entire system. Manage multiple applications, track adoption, ensure performance and uptime, and apply changes with ease.

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Enrich and improve your content with NLP

Cutting-edge natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning not only organizes but also enriches your content to ensure the best relevance and robust navigation and filtering. NLP fills in missing metadata, extracting entities, classifying content, and building knowledge graphs. Apply standard synonyms or apply your own ontologies. Use the built-in analytics or add your own.

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Flexible deployment. Global scale.

Scale changes everything. More noise with less signal, more latency with less patience, more maintenance with less time. Sinequa is optimized for high performance at scale, with deployments handling over 400 million documents, 50 billion records, and 200,000 employees on nominal infrastructure.

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We are excited to work with Sinequa on this important contract. Using its knowledge management platform, we are helping NASA to access and utilize decades’ worth of information. By better connecting NASA’s workforce to digital content, we can help them deliver on critical space missions.

Bob Genter Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Civilian Markets Customer Group, SAIC