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Augment your Company with New GenAI Assistant


The New Era of Search is Now.

Sinequa Assistants are designed to leverage any public or private generative LLM, including Cohere, OpenAI, Google Gemini, Microsoft Azure Open AI, Mistral and others, allowing companies to choose which LLMs best meet their needs while controlling costs.

The Sinequa Assistant framework powers a range of ready-to-go Assistants along with tools to define custom Assistant workflows so that customers can use an Assistant out of the box, or tailor and manage multiple Assistants from a single platform. These Assistants can be tailored to fit the needs of specific business scenarios and deployed and updated quickly without code or additional infrastructure. Some of the domain-specific Assistants available include:


The Augmented Engineer empowers design teams with a unified view of projects, products, and parts and the ability to construct and search across a digital thread.

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The Augmented Scientist, designed to empower research teams to converse with scientific content from an ever-increasing number of data sources to speed up clinical trials, drug development and streamline Research & Development (R&D) processes.

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The Augmented Lawyer gives lawyers and paralegals powerful self-service research capabilities across all case files and information through a time-saving AI search.

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The Augmented Asset Manager empowers financial asset managers and advisors to leverage valuable insight from contracts, portfolio history and documents.

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Streamline your tasks. Augment your work.

Imagine an Assistant with superpowers. Imagine an experienced, knowledgeable Search-powered GenAI Assistant, fully dedicated to you, who:

  • Stands ready to answer any question on any topic at any time.
  • Has read everything in your company…and remembers it all.
  • Is a super fast researcher who always cites their sources.
  • Knows your role and responds according to what’s important to you.
  • Can be trusted to keep your information private and secure.
  • Rapidly creates new materials incorporating existing knowledge and your new ideas.
  • Is available 24/7 and is never tired or sassy.

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