Deep Analysis Vignette: Sinequa

Deep Analysis Vignette: Sinequa

Read the latest Vignette about Sinequa's Intelligent Search platform. The report provides a Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations, and Results analysis, as well as a technology and market assessment of Sinequa.

Trusted by the leading organizations around the world.

Surface Insights. Inform Decisions. Elevate Productivity.

Sinequa provides intelligent enterprise search connecting workers in the digital workplace with the information, expertise and insights they need to do their jobs. It handles vast and heterogeneous data volumes, offering security and compliance even in the most complex environments.

Proven benefits of an informed organization.

Empower workers in the digital workplace to find relevant information and insights quickly, easily, and consistently.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

Enabling employees to get relevant information & insights speeds up innovation and optimizes responsiveness to customers.

Reduce Costs  Organizations Connected through Information Run Lean

Reduce Costs

Organizations powered by intelligent search enable people to do their jobs better, resulting in significant cost savings.

Mitigate Risks

Mitigate Risks

Delivering insights to employees within the context of their work provides the transparency and speed needed to comply with regulations on a timely basis and mitigate financial and reputational risk.

Explore our industry solutions.

Sinequa solutions are at work in labs, factories, and offices. They streamline workflows, increase productivity, and free workers for higher-value tasks.

Healthcare & Life Sciences companies need scientific, clinical, and lab content from all sources to remain informed and gain insights ahead of their competitors.

Healthcare & Life Sciences companies

Explore the power of intelligent search applications.

Sinequa’s enterprise search platform serves as a foundation for intelligent search applications that address a wide range of use cases.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search Platform

Boost the productivity of the entire organization by unifying all your content platforms — applications, repositories, websites, databases, etc. - into a personalized, AI-powered search experience.

360-Degree Views

360-Degree Views

Virtually aggregate disparate but related content about a specific topic or entity into a single, integrated view.

Find the Expert

Find the Expert

Connect employees to people and systems, both internal and external, around the world by making it simple to identify them by their expertise - extracted from content from across the enterprise.

What our customers say.

"Sinequa’s platform had not only the best innovation proposition among the solutions we looked at, but also addressed all our key requirements in terms of user experience, scalability, security and broad connectivity."

Tristan Le Masne, vice president Internal Audit & Internal Control

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