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The most capable Search-Powered AI Assistant Platform

Trustworthy and secure. Your content, your workflow.

A new way to work

Augment your employees by giving each and every one of them a superhuman assistant. An assistant who knows about everything in your company. One who is always available, can answer any question, research any subject, teach on any topic, and even get work done. But one where you are always in control.

Why Sinequa Assistant?
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We’ve stayed on the cutting edge with the best tech in search for over a decade. Our Assistant integrates with any generative AI, so you’re never obsolete. Our support is world class (not so with open source!). Everything we do, we do for our customers – which is why they come back year after year.

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The best results come with no sacrifices. Get results aligned to your needs with the only comprehensive platform that is also fully completely flexible. Deploy multiple search and Assistant solutions quickly and easily, tailored to your unique needs. Use one of our pre-built starter apps or configure your own (without code).

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Connect everything. Miss nothing.

Too many siloed apps result in redundant work, errors and delays. Eliminate app switching and search fatigue by putting your content – all of it – to work. Discover new insights and accelerate innovation with an AI assistant powered by the most capable search on the market.

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How it works

engage with all of your organization’s knowledge, through natural language

ensure factual accuracy with no hallucinations and the best search relevance, securely and at scale

automated execution of multi-step workflows supercharge your work, but always within your control

accurate and tailored responses, complete with references and supporting materials only a click away

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Why Sinequa

Sinequa’s Intelligent Search platform’s in-depth analysis provides Alstom’s employees with a thorough understanding of unstructured data, including the text coming from very complex technical and normative documents. This allows greater efficiency and real time savings for Alstom’s data scientists.

Tristan Le Masne, Vice President Internal Audit & Internal Control, Alstom

Sinequa is simply great technology. We immediately saw its benefit watching it perform something we didn’t know was possible. It makes an exponential difference for our organization. We were also impressed with the number of smart connectors available out-of-the-box and Sinequa’s unique ability to develop new ones.

Oliver Thoennessen, Senior Manager Global IT Drug Development, UCB

We started to envision the opportunity to create a platform that really could answer not just a simple query but would drive all company efficiency, operational efficiency from a global enterprise perspective.

Aimee Bourke Foster, Vice President - IAS Institutional Channel, Franklin Templeton Investments