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Augment Human Intelligence

The advent of AI-powered solutions has started to reverse the traditional computing technology and augment the human intelligence. Think here of Natural language processing, which enables computers to interpret human language and helps to decode meaning, or think of machine learning algorithms that can give computers the ability to “learn” with data, without being explicitly programmed.

In the best cases, these technologies are quickly becoming a critical means for knowledge workers to obtain actionable information to:

Find patterns and relationships among disparate data from different silos
Surface experts within the organization based on evidence within content
Present topically relevant information from disparate sources in a unified view
Discover what insights exist within your enterprise information
Become information-Driven

Adopt a Complete Solution

Adopt a Complete Solution

Organizations seeking an AI-Powered Search solution want to realize value quickly and are looking for comprehensive, packaged technology that helps them move quickly without sacrificing context or quality.

By adopting a unified platform, these organizations shield themselves from the cost and complexity of IT integration. They also benefit from a development paradigm that enables implementation and administration through a scalable configuration, even in the largest and most complex and heterogeneous environments.

Adopting a complete solution means these organizations don’t have to purchase a point solution whenever new business requirements arise. Instead, they can leverage a unified, end-to-end platform to configure applications quickly that are specifically aligned with business goals.

Invest in Proven Technology

Organizations seeking to become information-driven with AI-powered solutions need the right technology from the right vendor to help their people. They need proven technology that can handle a critical project while continually accommodating additional projects as the organization grows and/or begins to realize the deep benefits of being information-driven.

To avoid the pains and inefficiency that accompany a trial and error approach, such a solution should have been forged by experience with similar organizations in terms of goals and projects. But also, in heterogeneous environments full of large and diverse content and data volumes. Specifically, the solution should provide hardened capabilities such as enterprise grade security, extensive linguistic capabilities, integrated machine learning, and a well-designed user experience.

Invest in Proven Technology

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