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Empower teams to find information across Clinical Trials, Drug Development, Regulatory, and more

With so many employees working remotely, the need to easily and efficiently access information to drive business performance has never been greater. Unfortunately, with the explosion of data sources, the ability for scientists, researchers, and engineers to process these inflows with speed and precision continues to be challenging for many organizations across multiple industries i.e. automotive, defense & aerospace, life sciences, transportation and CPG.

Research clearly shows that enterprises that prioritize Ai-powered search are more productive and innovative. However, the path you take to powering your search capabilities can have a material impact on the level of success your enterprise can achieve.

We see enterprises across all industries using search and discovery functionality to solve problems and develop opportunities horizontally and vertically within an organization. Here are some examples of common use cases for enterprise search and discovery:


Research & Development (R&D)

Behind every great enterprise innovation is an effective R&D process. Powering those R&D processes are the best systems and practices for data search and discovery. Research hubs, such as those used to improve product development in life sciences, manufacturing, and investment services, are examples of business use cases that benefit from enhanced search and discovery.

Internal Research

Compliance functions are often required to conduct internal research for new regulatory requirements and ad-hoc requests and must have access to enterprise-level data that is accurate and up-to-date. Human Resources is another area where better data access enables improved analysis needed to support organizational agility, and unleash productivity and innovation

Content Publishing

Enterprises in nearly every industry publish external content for sales, marketing, and servicing purposes. Some enterprises, such as those found in the Media industries, must monetize their content to thrive. For these enterprises, the ability to rapidly search and discover data and curate differentiated content for their customers is mission-critical.

Whether running clinical trials, engineering a car, creating a new product, researchers rely on technology to make their day-to-day digital tasks easier and accelerate innovation.

Specifically, there are at least four distinct capabilities that can make Sinequa’s effective in accelerating research:

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faster biostatistician data inquiries


faster time-to-market for therapies


saved with Phase 1/2 pass/fail ratio improvements

Duplicated, lost, or inaccessible data threatens the life-changing mission of Life Sciences organizations.

Sinequa’s AI-powered search allows scientists, biostatisticians, product owners, and regulatory affairs to discover critical knowledge and expertise across the drug development process – right when they need it.

Sinequa is simply great technology. We immediately saw its benefit watching it perform something we didn’t know was possible. It makes an exponential difference for our organization. We were also impressed with the number of smart connectors available out-of-the-box and Sinequa’s unique ability to develop new ones.

Oliver Thoennessen, Senior Manager Global IT Drug Development, UCB

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