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About us

Powering a more connected, efficient modern workplace

Sinequa was born out of curiosity and a fierce determination to solve complex challenges faced in the workplace. For over two decades, AI has been at the forefront of our mission.

Sinequa culture collage
Sinequa culture collage

Some might say we have that je ne sais quoi

Over the years, Sinequa’s technology has evolved to meet the growing needs of our customers and the market while remaining true to our name and pioneering roots.


of resources dedicated to R&D to advance our industry-leading AI search technology


years of innovation across natural language processing and AI-powered search


consecutive year of being named a Leader by Gartner.


offices: operating from France, UK, Germany, USA, Argentina & Vietnam.


employees around the world.


different nationalities.

AI Discovery illustration

Pioneering early AI discovery

It all began in a private French research lab in the 1980s. Determined to train computers on human language, our earliest team of researchers pioneered breakthrough discoveries in natural language processing and machine learning.

Though building a robust search platform was far from the minds of our founding team, our pioneering researchers soon realized how powerful this AI technology could be in the hands of data-driven companies.

Semantic search illustration

Bolstered by a bold vision

By 2002, we had developed our first semantic search engine. Four years later, our current CEO, Alexandre Bilger, acquired the company and charted the path for his bold vision: to build a complete platform to tackle the most complex cognitive search and analytics challenges for the most demanding data-driven organizations in the world.

U.S. Market

Sparking a knowledge revolution

By 2010, our platform had grown substantially—and so had our customer base. In 2014, Sinequa expanded from France to the U.S. market in order to reach more companies in need of a radical solution to support and accelerate their knowledge-intensive work.

As leaders from the most complex, high-risk industries continued to adopt our platform, Alex’s bold vision began to take shape: Sinequa was removing barriers and redefining innovation for impact-driven companies across the globe.

Customer Stories
Modern workforce illustration

Evolving to equip the modern workforce

Over the years, Sinequa has continued to anticipate workplace challenges and evolve to meet the needs of the modern workforce. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our company mobilized to develop a SaaS product that could deliver 20 years of R&D to mid-market businesses across industries like manufacturing, life sciences, legal, and financial services. In 2021, we launched Workplace Search, our fully managed out-of-the-box AI search solution.

Workplace Search
Industry leader illustration
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Recognized as an industry leader

As we’ve continued to push the limits of innovation, Sinequa has gained an award-winning reputation. For six consecutive years, Sinequa has been recognized as one of the global leaders in the field of Insight Engines, among other prestigious recognitions from Gartner, Forrester, IDC, and SoftwareReviews.

Global scale illustration

Powering new possibilities—on a global scale

Today, our global offices span five countries and three continents, and our platform is integral to the work of leading companies worldwide. As a result, our customers are creating impact on a global scale and redefining the limitations of modern healthcare, the future of aerospace, space exploration, and even global economies.

Together, we’re not only creating a more connected, informed workplace but also powering new possibilities for humankind.


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Our History

Hand holding drawing virtual lightbulb


Sinequa starts out as a private research lab in France—trying to make computers smarter with human language.



Sinequa's first semantic search engine.

Search Engin


First version of Sinequa Enterprise Search.

Office skyscrapers


Sinequa expanded to the U.S. market.

Search Find Web Online Technology


Launch our first SaaS product, Workplace Search.

RP, document management


Launch of Neural Search.

Corporate data analysis


Launch of our GenAI-powered Search Assistant

I joined Sinequa to get in on the ground floor of an exciting environment and then grow my career. As Solutions Engineer, I get the opportunity to build useful applications based upon outstanding search technology as well as the opportunity to learn every day. Sinequa encourages learning, as well as trusting your expertise, and having an open mind. Working here has truly been a one of a kind experience!

Jeffrey White Solutions Architect - New York, USA

I first joined the Sinequa team as a linguist intern. Throughout Sinequa’s growth I got to work on developing many language features and I’ve managed other interns which has been a great experience. Sinequa is like a big family. I love working with my colleagues and get to have fun with them during foossball matches and Fun Thursdays!

Aurelia Marcus Linguist- Paris, France

Our core values


We love new ideas and creative work, and we know that the most important problems require innovative solutions. We do not fear challenges but take inspiration from them. To stay ahead, we seek new and creative ways to solve the most difficult problems and blaze new trails in the process.


We love a job well-done, and get satisfaction from always looking for a better way. We set high standards for ourselves and our work, and challenge ourselves to exceed those standards.


We know that truthfulness, mutual respect, and trust allow us all to do what’s best, as well as what’s right. An open atmosphere also means everyone has the freedom to focus on how to be their best.

Customer Focus.

Helping our internal and external customers achieve their goals gives us a sense of purpose and satisfaction. We seek to understand our customers’ needs and goals, and do everything we can to help achieve them.

Thumb Up

A creative and friendly atmosphere is necessary for smart, motivated people to work together towards a common goal. We foster an energetic, collaborative workplace that values everyone’s contribution.

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