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The best AI-powered search for manufacturers

Connect the digital thread

Sinequa improves engineering timelines, transforms maintenance & support efforts, and accelerates ROI by connecting industrial documents, applications, and people.

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AI-Powered Search for Engineering and Design

From design to execution, Sinequa connects the Digital Thread to give teams a fast, accurate, and unified view into projects, products, and parts.

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AI-Powered Search for Maintenance and Support

Whether it’s responsive self-service or skilled support technicians, Sinequa helps you provide best-in-class maintenance and support with cutting-edge generative AI and pinpoint accurate search for issues and resolutions.

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Increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty


Increase in customer support productivity


Faster Time-to-Market

*CIMdata estimates for Sinequa usage in manufacturing

Manufacturers with disengaged employees, unable to make informed decisions, lead to lower product quality and higher operating costs.


Sinequa’s AI-powered Search helps manufacturing organizations connect their employees to critical product lifecycle knowledge and expertise – right when they need it. Help your plant drive informed sourcing decisions, accelerate onboarding and knowledge transfer, and improve overall workforce productivity and collaboration.

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If Siemens only knew what Siemens knows; that was the initial challenge... now our employees find insight more efficiently - we're 30% faster with Sinequa.

Dr. Thomas Lackner, CTO Office, Corporate Technology, Siemens

Accelerate product delivery

Sinequa makes relevant information discoverable throughout the product lifecycle to speed product development and delivery.

Improve sourcing and decision-making

Give supply-chain professionals access to pertinent information to make informed decisions.

Support products, customers, and employees

Enhance knowledge transfer and help support engineers and customers find all of the information required to resolve issues quickly