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Airbus Helicopters Takes Technical Support to New Heights with Sinequa

Airbus Helicopters, the world’s leading manufacturer of helicopters, enables self-service technical support and gains insights that contribute to the safety and innovation of aircraft using Sinequa’s intelligent search. Sinequa provides agents with a powerful search and proactive recommendation system that raises agent productivity and customer satisfaction.


Airbus Helicopters operates 23 customer centers around the world, which handle 30,000 requests per year (10% of which are urgent). To improve support operations, the agents from Airbus needed an application to speed up the resolution of the support cases through a 360-degree view of customers and cases for an in-service fleet of 12,000 helicopters.


Having already deployed Sinequa as an enterprise search engine, Airbus realized that the software platform could be used to address the challenges of quickly finding the most relevant information in its technical customer support group. Working closely with Sinequa and our partner Atos, Airbus integrated structured and unstructured content from thousands of technical documents, databases and applications, such as:

  • Webtek featuring Technical Helicopters events and incidents, RETEX, and Service Bulletins
  • ORION and Superseded features technical documentation


With Sinequa, the technical customer support has transformed its operations while improving customer satisfaction as follows:

Improved Efficiency

On simple requests, 20% are answered by using technical documentation available to customers. 80% found answers immediately in the results list from that documentation.

  • On complex requests: a reduction of 5-10% in turnaround time by identifying previous cases and solutions that matched the current issues – no need to involve the design department when finding answers.

Responsive Customer Self-Service; Reduce the Staffing Burden

  • More self-service autonomy for Customers, 4% found exact answers with the first search.
  • Customers found most answers on their own, as only 60% of the answers needed confirmation by Customer Centers.

Increased Customer Satisfaction by 7%

  • Repair time is reduced, and customers’ equipment is online more quickly.
We lose a lot of time searching through our various databases and existing tools, along with drawings and technical documentation. We selected Sinequa’s search engine because of its high performance and the fact that it’s straightforward to index databases.

Frédéric Antoine Technical Support Network Manager, Airbus Helicopters