Engineering and design are the backbone of innovative manufacturing, but as manufacturers face growing pressure to stay competitive, improve customer satisfaction, and increase profitability, engineers rely on data from across the digital thread – found in various enterprise systems like ERP, CRM, PLM, CAD, Sharepoint, and CMS – to deliver the latest and greatest product designs.

By giving design teams the ability to find the project files, parts, and parameters they need, you’re setting them, and the rest of your organization up for success.

In fact, the experts at CIMdata estimate that an AI-powered Search Solution for your Engineering and Design team can:

  • Improve time to market by 10% to 15%* …By allowing you to find and reuse existing parts or select supplier parts, avoiding unnecessary redesign, new tooling and manufacturing processes, service planning, etc.
  • Increase margins – 5% to 30%* …By eliminating avoidable labor and capital spending
  • Improve customer satisfaction (retention rate) – 10% to 70%* …By addressing known product quality, usability and/or reliability issues faster
  • Increase revenues (without adding headcount) – 5% to 20%* …By ensuring products are competitive and ideally aligned with customer or market needs


The value is clear, and with customers like Northrop Grumman, Airbus Helicopters, Ciena, BASF, and Siemens, Sinequa knows manufacturers better than any other search technology provider.

Imagine your Engineering and Design function, empowered by lightning-fast search and cutting-edge technologies like Generative AI and Large Language Models. Now they can save time finding information, avoid errors and duplicative work, get designs over the finish line faster, and get new team members trained and ready to contribute quickly.

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Download Intelligent Search Solutions for Engineering and Design Teams to discover:

  • How AI-powered search can give you the tools to finally nip cascading losses from rework, duplication, and redesign in the bud.
  • Why the power of connecting your data and providing a single entry point to it can save money on ineffective data management strategies and transform your engineering efforts
  • What AI-powered search’s proven performance and scalability can do to help you realize the promises of the digital thread and support your company’s growth objectives