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A Search-powered GenAI Assistant, purpose-built for law professionals

Lawyers and Legal Professionals. Augmented.

Redefining the way today’s legal professionals discover information, validate insights, collaborate with colleagues, and deliver client results.

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Leverage your firm’s data to make strategic decisions

We revolutionize the way law professionals access and repurpose the wealth of internal knowledge within their firms by:

  • Streamlining the retrieval of internal documents and information, enhancing efficiency and productivity across all legal practices.
  • Providing precise, secured, and scalable information access to GenAI, enabling Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) on your corpus, and transforming the way your collaborators interact with content and perform their daily tasks.

Our enterprise search platform offers bespoke search and chat assistant experiences, streamlining document retrieval and facilitating peer expert location. It connects to your various content repositories (iManage, Litera, NetDocs) and leverages the latest deep learning indexing technologies to ingest and enrich content while ensuring strict access control and security at search.

This empowers lawyers with advanced information retrieval technology, enabling them to fully leverage GenAI benefits safely and effectively.

Customized Legal Research

Our leading enterprise search platform delivers a bespoke search andt assistant experience dedicated to the needs of legal professionals. Our platform’s unique combination of sophisticated search capabilities and humanlike understanding enables users to:


Search through all the accessible internal production and past research work, to combine and reuse information.

Quickly find peer experts on specific topics, across your firm

Search matters-related information, to understand what has been done, which winning approach has been used, and what content has already been drafted.

Experience the power of an always on, dedicated assistant, whom you can Ask complex questions to and which will perform various searches on your behalf and generate comprehensive answers to support your work.

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