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Staying Ahead of the Curve With Sinequa

GenAI holds immense potential for transforming all energy sectors, promising a future where energy and utility corporations can harness the power of search-powered GenAI assistants to make more informed decisions, optimize operations, and improve overall efficiency. It provides a solution to a major challenge the industry has faced for over a decade: a daunting, endless volume of data to analyze and search.

GenAI’s ability to not only analyze large amounts of content but also provide insights based on this input can drive optimized resource allocation, reduced costs, and enhanced productivity. While it is important to acknowledge the risks and drawbacks associated with generative AI, embracing this technology can help energy professionals stay ahead of the curve and unlock new opportunities for growth and sustainability in the fast-evolving energy landscape.


Customer Testimonial: TotalEnergies

“JAFAR (Jenerative AI for Return of Experience) – a new search application helping employees easily and quickly find relevant information in knowledge availability ROE databases.”

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To better capitalize on the feedback following production incidents in our refineries, we implemented JAFAR (Jenerative AI for Availability REX), a new search app designed to streamline information retrieval in TotalEnergies' knowledge databases. Powered by Sinequa's search engine/RAG and generative AI, JAFAR enhances decision-making by analyzing documents and providing recommendations.

Aude Giraudel, Head of Smart Search Engines, TotalEnergies