Customer Testimonial: “JAFAR (Jenerative AI for Return of Experience) – a new search application helping employees easily and quickly find relevant information in knowledge availability ROE databases.” – TotalEnergies

JAFAR (Jenerative AI for Availability REX) is a new search application that aims to help people easily and quickly find relevant information in TotalEnergies knowledge availability REX databases. The tool is built on top of Sinequa search engine and its new generative AI component. Jafar’s objectives are to support people in decision making by providing analysis, synthesis of various documents, and recommendations. Additionally, Jafar aims to ensure key information of documents are not left behind.

Learn more about how efficiency gains thanks to quick access to information of good quality currently not easy to find and generation of quick reports from various documentation sources can also increase employee satisfaction by reducing time spent on reporting and analysis.