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Sinequa provides tech companies with solutions empowering dev teams to innovate faster, deliver smarter solutions, and create more value for customers. Sinequa helps to drive increased efficiency, agility, and competitiveness in the tech industry.

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Boost your company productivity with Sinequa Augmented Developer. Chat with your source code to improve your tech capabilities and shorten your development life cycle.

Compete effectively in the digital era by using cutting-edge technology to help your developers become Augmented Developers. Sinequa provides Tech companies the toolkit to help developers retrieve any source code, improve their code quality, accelerate testing and improve quality Insurance.


Search-powered GenAI to accelerate code generation

Developers can leverage AI powered search tools to improve code generation, debug software, and optimize performance.

Search-powered GenAI to focus on value

Development teams Can focus on high-value tasks like designing innovative solutions and addressing complex technical challenges.

Search-powered GenAI to reduce development lifecycle

Sinequa enhances efficiency in information retrieval, code debugging, and optimization, reducing development cycles by automating tasks and enabling teams to focus on innovation, thereby shortening the development lifecycle.

Proven benefits

Sinequa’s new Angular framework allowed us to quickly develop a user interface based on the Vanilla template provided on GitHub. Many components are already available in this framework and it is well documented. We built in a few weeks a solution that could not have been achieved without this framework.

Matthieu Wirotius, Computer Engineer, Atos

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