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Enterprise-Grade Security

With a comprehensive set of data protection mechanisms, Sinequa’s state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure is trusted by the world’s most secure organizations.

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We have the industry-standard AICPA SOC 2 Type II audit performed annually.

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ISO 27001

We have our ISO 27001 certification which is the global standard for effective information management

Vulnerability Management & Audits

We run regular tests to monitor any security vulnerabilities, including regular penetration testing and audit logs.

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Data Residency

Sinequa’s infrastructure is hosted on Microsoft Azure, and you can choose which region you prefer your data to reside in. Sinequa has multiple data centers, including Eastern United States, Western Europe, and Central France.

Data Encryption

To ensure your data is fully protected, our built-in data security includes encryption at rest with AES-256 and encryption in transit. A Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) option is available to implement Zero Trust security on your search indexes at rest.

Client Isolation

Each Sinequa customer has their own dedicated account, ensuring data and application workloads are entirely separated from other customers.

User Authentication

You can provide your own user identities through the identity provider (IDP) of your choice, with SAML 2.0 and Open ID Connect (OIDC) support.

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Access Controls

Sinequa mirrors your existing security rules from your corporate and application-specific directories if required. We can handle multiple security domains by automatically linking users across different domains.

Secure Administration

Sinequa uses the 'principle of least privilege,' leveraging Azure's fine-grained role-based access control (RBAC) mechanisms.

We started to envision the opportunity to create a platform that really could answer not just a simple query but would drive all company efficiency, operational efficiency from a global enterprise perspective.

Aimee Bourke Foster, Vice President - IAS Institutional Channel, Franklin Templeton Investments

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sinequa provides detailed documentation, plus tutorials, digital learning courses, and guidelines about how to secure an application built with the Sinequa platform. Documentation is provided online, as well as contextually embedded in the product, and is available in English and French. To find out more, please visit our Community Page.

Yes, security is applied across the platform: Indexing incorporates and reflects each source’s native security model, and security features are applied before, during, and after each query.

Security is at the heart of the Sinequa platform, from the point of data ingestion all the way through to its intelligent auto-suggest. Users do not see content they are not authorized to view, with auto-suggestion, and typeahead functionality also limited to authorized content. Sinequa’s architecture includes role-based access control as well as content-based access control applied throughout the entire platform. Security is inherited from existing security and user roles or assigned to content or users by an administrator if permissions are not available from source systems. Sinequa uses early binding and can handle multiple security models.