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Enterprise Search for Azure

The Power of Sinequa Search Cloud Platform, optimized for Azure

Designed to leverage the strengths of Microsoft Azure, while relying on Sinequa Enterprise Search advanced capabilities.

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Azure Enterprise Search is optimized to accelerate digital transformation

Streamlined Azure Enterprise Search operations for accelerated deployments.

Azure enterprise search engine comes with the toolbox your operational team needs to streamline Sinequa’s deployments and upgrades in your Microsoft Azure tenants.

  • Templates: to deploy Azure enterprise search on various architectures in a matter of clicks,
  • Re-Imaging: Scripts to build Sinequa images with your organization’s own OS, monitoring or security constraints
  • Sample scripts: Powershell, Terraform, Pulumi, Biceps, etc… to automate the management of our Azure enterprise search’s lifecycle : deployment of new versions, backup and restore, etc


Azure enterprise search is easy to operate with minimal workload in the experimental, build and run phases. The amount of time required to deploy a first application on your Azure enterprise search and subsequent additional apps is minimal.

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Accelerated digital workplaces

Dynamic indexing

to ingest and process large volumes of documents, quickly and at minimal infrastructure costs. This reduces to just hours what previously would take days or weeks with a static architecture.

Secure your workplace

with the integration of Azure keyvault to store secrets and certificates.

Better collaboration

Inform your existing collaboration solutions as Azure enterprise search is integrated with Microsoft Teams.

Why Sinequa?

Resource-Optimized to maximize your Return On Investment

Your Azure enterprise search, is optimized for Microsoft cloud environment and leverages the capabilities of the cloud leader:

Azure enterprise search provides flexibility to continuously adjust the architecture to the needs of your Sinequa workload.

No more static resources partially used – the Azure enterprise search platform dynamically reduces resources when not in use.

Sinequa’s Azure enterprise search brings a new templated but flexible architecture designed to optimize use of the various services and resources provided by Azure cloud services. No more waste in architecture spending.

Companies like Sinequa add value by integrating their solutions with Microsoft Azure. The optimized integration of Sinequa Search Cloud Platform, optimized for Azure allows customers to focus more on the business and less on managing servers or a variety of enterprise data silos. With Sinequa on Azure, customers will have a complete platform that tackles the growing challenge of getting the right information to the right people at the right time regardless of source, format or language.

Casey McGee, Vice President of Sales, ISV

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

No, the same license conditions will be carried over, from on-premise license to Azure enterprise search. Get in touch with your sales representative for more information.

You do not need to be concerned with Azure enterprise search. Sinequa integrated with Azure leverages Azure’s key vault capabilities of storing certificates securing all sensitive data and interfaces.

Sinequa’s Azure enterprise search comes with all our connectors to Microsoft apps as well as the support of Active Directory and Azure security features. Sinequa has released a Teams integration available in GitHub.