Mend your digital thread with intelligent search

All the connected content in your product lifecycle can be used to optimize the digital thread, improve current processes, and make future projects better, too. Imagine - no information is lost, no effort is wasted, and products are built better, safer, faster, and less expensive because the manufacturer knows what’s really happening at every stage of their work. That's the promise of a digital thread that extends past the factory floor.

So, what’s cutting the digital thread short, and what can be done to fix it? Read our Whitepaper, co-authored with, to find out:

  • How the digital thread looks in many manufacturing organizations
  • Why a true digital thread increases efficiency, reduces redundancy, and retains organizational knowledge
  • What is being used to create a thriving digital thread
  • …and more!
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Unique product capabilities for discovering content to optimize your product lifecycle

Sinequa delivers the software and expertise needed by the most advanced manufacturers to accelerate time-to–value and ROI.

Mend your digital thread with intelligent search

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Unconnected Dots

As an asset manager, you seek alpha and search for an edge. But are you making the most of all the information inside your firm?

Mend your digital thread with intelligent search

Mend your digital thread with intelligent search

Organizations that turn the digital thread from an idea into reality will unlock widespread opportunities to improve performance at every stage of the product lifecycle, from design to end-of-life management. Indeed, the digital thread empowers each function it touches to increase efficiency, reduce redundancy, improve collaboration and accelerate innovation. But often the digital thread is cut short, and often and the flow of product data is broken across people, tools and systems. See how effective a robust digital thread, powered by intelligent search, can be for an organization’s efficiency, or its overall bottom line

Save Time and Lives in R&D with Sinequa Scientific Search

Save Time and Lives in R&D with Sinequa Scientific Search

The top Life Sciences organizations are already using Sinequa’s Scientific Search technology to build a connected view of information critical to making better—and faster—decisions about what’s being studied in their labs.

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