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Mission Assurance with Relevant Information in Context.

Mounting an effective defense against external and internal threats and compliance violations means sophisticated investigative work that goes beyond just data discovery.

Investigators must be well informed and efficient, which requires quickly detecting and responding correctly to the information that matters most.

Sinequa presents topically relevant information from diverse sources in a unified view to surface insights, including the relationships between related bits of information, leading also to relationships between people.


Equipping key stakeholders with the means to extract signals from noisy content and data is critical for surfacing insights. These insights can be critical to detecting imminent threats, potential fraud, and potential regulatory breach (e.g. anti-money laundering, abnormal approbations for credit, suspect money transfers, cartel collusion,etc.). Today’s approach to investigative work must be precise and accurate to identify real issues and minimize false positives. This means dealing with:

  • Multiple data sources and a variety of formats including OSINT and social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Content from hundreds of data types and document formats with all the nuances of languages, dialects, and cultures around the world.
  • Varying access controls as different units share information across multiple databases and libraries.

Providing Relevant Information in Context to Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies.

This white paper explains why and how modern global intelligence and law enforcement agencies need more than data discovery to defend against today’s far reaching and ever more complicated threats.

Already trusted by the government and defense organizations

French Ministry of Defense
European Commission
Société du Grand Paris

Connect The Dots to accelerate detection and investigation.

Sinequa’s platform enhances investigations by finding related content along topical lines from dispersed sources, while respecting access controls. This provides a clearer picture of suspicious activities before it’s too late.

Sinequa’s powerful content ingestion capabilities enable rapid deployment, even in the most diverse data environments. This is thanks to extensive NLP that covers more than 20 languages in use by 95 percent of the world’s population.

Combined with rich semantic analysis, integrated language translation, advanced entity extraction, and machine learning, Sinequa is unparalleled at capturing meaning, categorizing content and detecting patterns and relationships .

What our customers say.

"We are excited to work with Sinequa on this important contract. Using its knowledge management platform, we are helping NASA to access and utilize decades’ worth of information. By better connecting NASA’s workforce to digital content, we can help them deliver on critical space missions."

Bob Genter, Executive Vice President and General Manager of the Civilian Markets Customer Group at


Why do government & defense agencies use Sinequa's enterprise search platform?

Leading defense and intelligence agencies use Sinequa to investigate high-level threats and even predict future threats. Law enforcement uses us to search and analyze a wide range of sources for insightful clues, and financial controllers use Sinequa to detect and prevent fraudulent activity. Whatever the threat, Sinequa is one platform that defends many fronts.

Accelerate Internal Control & Fraud Analysis

Accelerate Internal Control & Fraud Analysis.

Connect people, bank accounts, credit card numbers, financial transactions, and many other data types with dynamic relationship mapping.

Prevent Money Laundering

Prevent Money Laundering.

Give agents the visibility they need to pinpoint suspicious money transfers, and accounts and networks of individuals involved in sophisticated money laundering schemes.

Effective Counterterrorism and Cybersecurity

Effective Counterterrorism and Cybersecurity.

Connect the data “entities” that intelligence and security analysts need to uncover patterns in behavior and identify bad actors. Sinequa provides a combination of interactive charts, timeline analyses, and correlation tables to deliver dynamic relationship mapping.

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