Sinequa Live Demo for Financial Services.

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How Financial Services Organizations Put Their Content to Work

Time is money, and knowledge is power. But employees still spend upwards of 25% of their time searching for the information they need to do their job. Leading firms are prioritizing employee productivity, better client experiences, and fast access to relevant knowledge to stay ahead of the competition. Ready to put your content to work?

Join us for a live demo to learn how Sinequa’s Workplace Search can equip employees at your firm with a single, secure entry point to relevant knowledge and expertise. Workplace Search builds on top of Sinequa’s powerful search capabilities to help employees:

  • Achieve more. When employees can find existing knowledge within their company, they excel at their job. They’re empowered to build on knowledge and produce much better results.
  • Duplicate less. If your firm is like most, it’s much easier to redo work than it is to find what already exists. This not only wastes time, but leaves unnecessary room for human error. Workplace Search enables employees to find all existing work to avoid duplication and mistakes.
  • Make better decisions every day. The search experience is personalized for each user, providing them with complete and contextually relevant search results. And intuitive features help them narrow their search results to find exactly what they need to make the best decisions possible.


Alana CentoLead Product Marketing Manager, Sinequa Search Cloud - Sinequa
Alana Cento
Lead Product Marketing Manager, Sinequa Search Cloud
Mingee KimSearch Cloud Engineer  - Sinequa
Mingee Kim
Search Cloud Engineer
Put Your Content to Work and Fuel Your Workforce

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  • May. 10 2023
  • 11:00 AM ET - 5:00 PM CEST

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