The Sinequa Intelligent Enterprise Search Platform.

Help employees across your enterprise find the insights they need to move your business forward with the Sinequa Intelligent Enterprise Search Platform. By combining a collection of analytical features into a unified whole, we’ve built a platform with unlimited potential that can scale across use cases and user types.

Intelligent Search Platform

Intelligent Search Platform

Get relevant information and insights to information workers on a timely basis in the context of their work. Discover our enterprise search engine which allows you to extract information from all types of data, structured or unstructured.

Benefits of intelligent enterprise search


Improve productivity, speed up innovation, reduce risk, and much more with the Sinequa Intelligent Search Platform.

Key features of our Intelligent Enterprise Search Platform

Key features

The Sinequa platform is the most complete system where key features like Natural Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and security work in concert with each other.

Customer journey

Customer journey

There are five steps in the journey to becoming information driven. Where are you on that journey?

Neural Search

Neural Search

Sinequa’s Neural Search provides the most sophisticated engine for discovering enterprise information assets available on the market today.

Sinequa for Azure

Sinequa Search Cloud Platform, optimized for Azure ensures employees always have the information they need to perform at their best regardless of their role.

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