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Get relevant information and insights to information workers on a timely basis in the context of their work.

Today, data-driven enterprises don’t fully achieve this. They rely on employees to bring context to the data to become informed. This requires employees to give extra thought and effort to evaluate the available options and make the right decisions. This, in turn, results in poorer corporate performance. To take the burden off employees and become truly information-driven, organizations need four enterprise search capabilities: secure access to all enterprise content, interpretation of content in a specific context, continuous learning, and intuitive presentation.

Sinequa intelligent search platform provides these capabilities and more.


Sinequa is unique in its ability to access content in all formats across all sources. This is done securely and at scale through our library of over 200 ready-to-go connectors and converters to over 350 document formats. We routinely add to this library to ensure rapid deployment and the most comprehensive view across the enterprise digital landscape.

Access heterogeneous content through 200+ ready-to-use connectors


Sinequa provides automation to help interpret meaning from all of the various content ingested by its platform. The platform combines natural language processing to remove the noise and produce clean and enriched information. This serves as a foundation to provide relevant search results, precise analytics, and accurate robust machine learning.


Machine Learning is critical to transform content and data into relevant information and actionable insights. This is how our platform learns through examples and handles complexity beyond what’s possible with a more traditional approach.

 Presentation of sinequa


The right user interface helps people grasp the information presented simply in a matter of moments. That means a design that is user friendly, unobtrusive, and perhaps most critically, contextual to the user’s goals.

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