A whole greater than the sum of its parts.

An intelligent enterprise search platform is more than a loose list of features: it’s a coherent and complete system, where the key features combine to reinforce each other. Here are the most important feature categories that work together in a superior intelligent search platform:

Powerful ingestion engine

Powerful ingestion engine.

An intelligent search platform is only as good as the content and data that it can access. Sinequa provides hundreds of built-in connectors and embedded converters that enable fast and easy incorporation of content from all enterprise sources.

Intelligent search & analytics capabilities

Intelligent search & analytics capabilities.

The combination of search, text mining, and deep content analytics required by an advanced search platform is only possible with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. With 25 years of NLP research, we are experts at making sense of each piece of content, to deliver more relevant information and insights.

Flexible and intuitive presentation

Flexible and intuitive presentation.

Sinequa includes an Angular UI framework designed for enterprise use. Out of the box, end users get a familiar and intuitive search experience, which can be extended with advanced capabilities for navigation and visualization. An open-source arrangement for our UI framework enables customers and partners to customize the framework for specific use cases and user categories that can then be incorporated into the standard Sinequa offering.

Modular and scalable architecture

Modular and scalable architecture.

Sinequa’s platform architecture is distributed, modular, and scales for any size or shape deployment. It supports high-performance solutions that organizations need to respond to complex, evolving business needs. It requires minimal infrastructure investment and can be flexibly deployed on-premise, in a cloud or in a hybrid environment.

Foundation for intelligent Search Apps

Foundation for intelligent Search Apps.

Intelligent search applications that address a wide range of use cases with their specific UIs can easily be built on top of the Sinequa enterprise search platform using a tool kit provided by Sinequa. New applications come with only marginal effort once the platform is up and running on the data and content of an organization.

Strong Security

Strong Security.

While information and insights should come easy to legitimate users, there must be no compromise with the security of enterprise data and content. With Sinequa, users can only see what they have access rights to see – even in search suggestions and drop-down lists. Access control can be kept up-to-date dynamically to always fit company policy.

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