Enterprise Search Platform Key Features.

A Complete Platform For Accelerating the Delivery of Search-Based Insight Applications.

Search-based projects typically take organizations many months to complete, with delays caused by data source connection issues, end-user customization requirements and change requests. Sinequa’s platform provides the optimal set of features and capabilities needed to accelerate the building and scaling of any insight application for your most complex and high-value use cases.

A whole greater than the sum of its parts.

An intelligent enterprise search platform is more than a loose list of features: it’s a coherent and complete system, where the key features combine to reinforce each other. Here are the most important feature categories that work together in a superior intelligent search platform:

Powerful ingestion pipeline

Powerful ingestion pipeline.

An intelligent search platform is only as good as the content that it can access. With hundreds of pre-built connectors, Sinequa connects to all sources and formats, allowing you to extract value from all your content – structured and unstructured. Built on 25 years of research in natural language processing (NLP), employees get the most relevant answers to their questions. The platform applies deep learning to enrich information, enabling continuous performance improvement.

Intelligent analytics capabilities

Intelligent analytics capabilities.

Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning power the advanced features of Sinequa's Intelligent search platform. After more than 25 years of NLP research, we are experts at making sense of each piece of text, whatever the native language. In addition, the platform embeds state-of-the-art Deep Learning frameworks to close the gap between the experience of classical enterprise search and today's web search engines. The resulting proprietary index is optimized to cope with huge volumes and intensive usage.

Flexible and intuitive presentation

Flexible and intuitive presentation.

To accelerate development of search-based applications, Sinequa’s Intelligent Search platform includes an Angular UI framework for enterprise use and sample “starter” insight applications. The extensible framework is open-source and fully available on Github, giving you complete flexibility to leverage a variety of search and navigation components and customize them to meet specific employee needs.

Modern architecture

Modern architecture.

With a distributed, highly available, and modular architecture that scales for any size or shape deployment, Sinequa supports high-performance solutions that respond to complex and evolving business needs. It requires minimal infrastructure investment and is equally at home on-premise, in the cloud, or any hybrid environment.

Advanced search and discovery

Advanced search and discovery.

Are you wondering how best to formulate your queries? Sinequa supports multiple query types, including freeform text, advanced criteria, and fielded search. Employees can ask "naive" questions and get suggestions for the best query type to use. Sinequa also handles multilingual search and natively applies morphosyntactic analysis, phonetization, spelling corrections, and expansions out-of-the-box.

Enterprise-grade security

Enterprise-grade Security.

While authorized employees deserve ready access to relevant information and insights, there can be no compromise with enterprise content security. With Sinequa, employees only see what they have access rights to see – even in search suggestions and drop-down lists. Access controls are updated dynamically, so they always reflect the latest permissions.

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