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Once our intelligent enterprise search software is in place, our customers continue to discover use cases and groups of users that can benefit from it in their daily work. They usually extend the enterprise search functionality to ever more users. They create dedicated Insight Apps for specific user groups on top of our platform, displaying enormous creativity in the process – and sometimes surprising us with their imagination.

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Boost employee productivity

Boost employee productivity

Employees work better and faster when they have a central place to get their questions answered and can find relevant information and insights.

  • An informed workforce produces more goods and services in a given amount of time.
  • Informed customer service agents provide quick answers to difficult questions.
  • Consistently well-informed employees make better decisions faster.
Speed up innovation

Speed up innovation

The more people with diverse expertise can access relevant information, the more they can identify critical business insights, drive opportunities, and gain a first-mover advantage.

  • Speeding up innovation typically results in gaining market share.
  • First-mover advantage means getting a head-start on iterative improvement.
  • New innovation provides a window for building a defensive moat around the business.
Optimize responsiveness to customers

Optimize responsiveness to customers

Consistently well-informed employees provide better service to customers, offer better turnaround times, and can focus on what really matters to their customer's success and their own company's success.

  • Customer-facing employees make or break the customer experience.
  • Ensuring employee access to relevant information is critical to a positive customer experience.
  • Empowering employees with the means to do their jobs well increases job satisfaction.
Mitigate risk

Mitigate risk

Intelligent search solutions applied across all enterprise sources provides the transparency and speed needed to comply with regulations on a timely basis and mitigate financial and reputational risk.

  • Employees in regulated businesses need a fast and accurate way to determine compliance risk in their data.
  • When it comes to data privacy and data protection, "If you can’t find it, you can’t manage it."
  • A platform approach makes tackling a variety of regulations more cost-effective than investing in point solutions.
Reduce redundancy

Reduce redundancy

Use intelligent search to connect information across the enterprise along topical lines. This reveals hidden redundancies, which can lead to significant cost reductions.

  • Connect teams and individuals working on similar products, projects, and research.
  • Prevent the unnecessary duplication of digital and physical assets that already exist.
  • Streamline business processes and improve quality with better visibility of trending issues.
Increase knowledge sharing

Increase knowledge sharing

Intelligent enterprise search software enables organizations to surface the know-how and experience of their best employees, in many cases preventing that knowledge from becoming “hidden” when an employee leaves.

  • Fortune 500 companies lose over $30 billion a year by failing to share knowledge internally.
  • Much of this “hidden” knowledge could be extremely useful to new hires.
  • Clear visibility into explicit knowledge reveals the gaps where new knowledge is needed.
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Liberate the Value of Information With Intelligent Search

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Generate a higher ROI - Return on Information - from your data assets

Generate a higher ROI - Return on Information - from your data assets

When you add up the benefits of deploying Sinequa across your enterprise, the impact is significant. In addition to performance benefits from improving employee information discovery, there is an opportunity to generate considerable financial value from adopting the Sinequa Intelligent Search platform for high-value use cases. Examples include:

  • Accelerating research and development in complex drug development and manufacturing processes to improve time-to-market
  • Finding and reusing parts in manufacturing processes and downstream services to lower cost of quality
  • Reducing operating costs for investigating and responding to compliance and legal requirements
  • Improving customer satisfaction and retention with better agent responsiveness and self-service experience

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"We started to envision the opportunity to create a platform that really could answer not just a simple query but would drive all company efficiency, operational efficiency from a global enterprise perspective. "

Aimee Bourke Foster, Vice President - IAS Institutional Channel

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Sinequa, a Peek Under the Hood

Sinequa, a Peek Under the Hood

BROCHURE - Massive amounts of data are being stored across systems (in data centers or in the cloud), often remaining locked in these silos. Over time, it becomes increasingly difficult for employees to find what they need, and they’re left to make decisions based on incomplete or inaccurate information. This paper discusses the benefits of a unified search solution and how Sinequa's intelligent search platform transforms data into actionable insights.

How AI is improving enterprise search and information access

How AI is improving enterprise search and information access

VIDEO -Dave Schubmehl, Research Director, Cognitive Systems and Content Analytics at IDC will discusses how organizations are leveraging this technology to become information-driven and experiencing a myriad of benefits as a result. During this webcast, Scott Parker, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Sinequa will highlight with real world examples how an AI-powered Search platform delivers relevant information from vast amounts of data in large corporations and government agencies.

Enterprise Search: The Data Discovery Solution for Unstructured Data

Enterprise Search: The Data Discovery Solution for Unstructured Data

BLOG - A great deal of data, indeed some of the most critical information required to make the most of data analytics, is locked away in unstructured forms, such as PDF files and other files. Data discovery provides an answer. This process is all about finding data that’s essential for effective analytics and transforming it into meaningful insights.

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