Knowledge Management for Customer Service.

Exceptional service moves individual and corporate customers smoothly between each step in their journey. They may start with self-service. Then, they may need to talk to your call center. Finally, they may visit a physical location, such as a bank branch, a telecom shop, and other industry support centers.

This experience usually breaks when customers can’t get relevant answers to their questions quickly. Typically, the root cause is employees not having the information they need at their fingertips.

Customer service representatives need visibility into customer data across all contact and interaction points within the enterprise. By aggregating siloed data and providing a single, secure access point to relevant and real-time customer and product information, a unified view of information can be formed to help CSRs respond to customers’ concerns and issues quickly and accurately.

Sinequa’s knowledge management software for customer service connects every element of the customer experience by delivering intelligence to the right person, in context, at the right time.

Cognitive Search for Customer Service Optimization.

Customer service centers serve as organizational information hubs, resonating with the voices of the customers. Instant access and 360° views of all customer and product data is mandatory to enable customer service representatives to operate more efficiently.

3 Reasons to choose Sinequa’s Knowledge Management Software for Customer Service.

360-degree views. Customer journeys can last for years. Take a mortgage loan. Stages in the journey span pre-sales, onboarding, transacting, and administering. Working with incomplete information at any stage breaks the entire process. Sinequa fixes this.
One platform for all of your applications. Is a seamless cross-channel customer experience in your digital transformation program? Integrating systems across functions causes many projects to fail. Use Sinequa to enrich your data and connect it along topical lines without disturbing core systems.
Better experiences for all. Providing employees with information at their fingertips helps them deliver exceptional customer experiences and foster up-selling and cross-selling. And it raises employee engagement too. Sinequa’s software enhances everybody’s experience.

Let’s talk about results

5,000 People.

Reduced training time for 5,000 employees per year, resulting in major savings.

30 Applications.

Eliminated the need to train on 30 applications down to a single unified interface from Sinequa.

1 Day.

Lowered average training time for new agents from six weeks to one day.

What our customers say.

"We've been working with Sinequa since 2013. Even during a difficult period for the company, Sinequa has always been by our sides with a powerful support for their powerful software. The product is working on production like day one with tremendous quantity of data."

Review from Gartner Peer Insights - 5 stars out of 5

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Improve the customer and employee experience with intelligent search.

Sinequa provides the right information at the right time to both customers and the employees who are supporting them, for every stage of the customer journey.


Answer customer questions faster.

Most customers only call when they have a problem. If they do, they expect an exceptional experience. The typical call center agent faces four to six applications on average for every call. Some even struggle with 10 to 15 systems. Sinequa hides all the operational complexity by providing a unified view across all these systems to get the fastest answer possible.


Accelerate agent training time.

Giving agents a unified view of all systems not only means they can answer customer questions quickly. It also means new agents don’t need to learn the details of many systems. They simply search across these systems using Sinequa. As a result, agents experience shorter onboarding times (from six weeks to one day) and simplified on-the-job training.


Find experts.

Sinequa’s software improves two critical call-center metrics: first-call resolution and hand-off rates. First-call resolution rates rise because agents can find answers quicker. This reduces hand-off rates too. When specialist expertise is truly needed, you can use Sinequa to locate in-house experts based on their track record of helping others.


How customers work with us.

Sinequa’s engagement model helps customers to map use cases, gather requirements, architect solutions, and deploy the software platform. Typically, Sinequa works with partners to implement solutions. We can work with your preferred partner or one of our certified partners. Sinequa also provides specialized product training and support services.

About Sinequa.

Sinequa serves both large and complex organizations with the most complete enterprise search, on the market. Customers employ Sinequa’s intelligent search platform to connect all content (both text and data), derive meaning, learn from user interactions, and present information in context. This solves content chaos and informs employees through a single, secure interface. They get the knowledge, expertise, and insights needed to make informed decisions and do more, faster. These organizations accelerate innovation, reduce rework, foster collaboration, ensure compliance, and increase productivity. Become Information-driven with Sinequa.
Let’s have a quick look at the Sinequa customer journey.

Customers using Sinequa for customer service

Airbus Helicopters
Crédit Agricole

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