Ubiquitous and Intuitive Search.

An enterprise search platform must serve most people in an organization with information and insights extracted from its vast amounts of data.

The Sinequa platform makes it easy to connect to all of that data – enterprise applications (CMS, ERP, CRM, PLM, etc.), files, documents and email in different languages, etc. It provides a simple unique interface to deliver information and insights to everyone without requiring particular expertise. And it detects users’ intent in their natural language questions.

The Enterprise Search platform that fits perfectly with your enterprise systems.

Sinequa’s Intelligent Enterprise Search platform for Global 2000 companies and government agencies connects people with the information, expertise and insights necessary for organizations to become information-driven.

3 Reasons to choose Sinequa Enterprise Search Platform.

Scalable. The Sinequa platform has been designed for critical, intensive, and large scale use. It elevates the performance of every employee by presenting actionable information and insights from enterprise data.
Secure. Sinequa preserves and enforces information access controls from source systems. This means end-users only see the information they are entitled to see. The solution has repeatedly proven itself in complex environments at very large organizations.
Complete. The Sinequa platform serves as a foundation for search applications that address a wide range of use cases for the specific needs of different user communities.

Large Scale Enterprise Search

200.000 users in an organization.

Large customers offer Sinequa Enterprise Search to more than 200.000 employees.

1 billion of documents.

Some customers provide Sinequa Enterprise Search over more than a billion documents and 10 billion structured records.

10 million queries per day.

In some intensive usage environments, Sinequa Enterprise Search handles up to 300 queries per second, and more than 10 million queries per day.

What our customers say.

"By using Sinequa’s Intelligent Enterprise Search platform, our lawyers and staff members are no longer losing valuable time when searching for information in our different content and knowledge sources thanks to its advanced capabilities and its ease of use."

Olivier Van Eesbeecq, Head of ICT

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Liberate the Value of Information With Intelligent Search.

View this short video to discover the key capabilities of the platform.

A unique combination of key capabilities to provide insights for everyone.

Providing relevant information and insights from enterprise data for everyone needs a unique combination of connectors, linguistic and semantic analyses, machine learning and deep learning. The same set of unconnected capabilities will not deliver the same results. Capabilities must reinforce each other.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Sinequa’s full semantic solution incorporates over 25 years of research as well as the latest text analytics technology for more than 20 languages. Many layers of analysis are applied to extract meaning from unstructured text. They are then brought together to provide the most relevant and accurate results.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning.

The Sinequa platform integrates machine learning to enrich existing information. The algorithm most widely used by our customers is Classification by Example. They classify data according to degrees of confidentiality, they automatically detect personally identifiable information (PII), etc.

Security: Keeping secrets secret

Security: Keeping secrets secret.

Secure data access is of utmost importance to all of our customers. Sinequa users can only access information with the appropriate access rights that are always kept up-to-date. Even in drop-down lists of query suggestions, users cannot see references to data or documents they cannot access.

Extract value from all your data

Extract value from all your data.

Searching structured data is straightforward. But real value hides in unstructured data. Mining value from documents, emails, and presentations takes hard labor and sweat. Applying Sinequa's Intelligent Search to this alternative data yields new insights that complement information from traditional sources.

How to select, implement, and extend enterprise search.

“Checklists” are not helpful in selecting an Enterprise Search platform: The intelligent combination of capabilities makes the difference. Select a competent (certified) implementation partner to accompany you throughout your project. Sinequa accompanies customers and partners to maximize the value generated by its platform.

Customers using Sinequa for enterprise search


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