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Your business card says you’re an analyst, auditor, lawyer, M&A banker, or regulator. In essence, you investigate. Finding connections, identifying errors, or spotting the loophole, all start with collecting and converting data into useful information. We call this the Intelligence Cycle. With the massive amounts of data available today - much of it unstructured - the Intelligence Cycle is longer and more complicated than ever. Sinequa helps you with each step of the Intelligence Cycle from defining the problem to delivering the intelligence you need.

Market Research Investigation Intelligence 2021.

This report explains how a new category of AI-powered software tools, Investigation Intelligence, helps audit and compliance groups work better.

3 Reasons to choose Sinequa for Investigation Intelligence.

Collect, process, and analyze information faster with Sinequa’s AI-based platform. It even helps with the presentation of intelligence by making it more intelligible.
Enhance the user experience with relevant answers. All delivered in an interface designed around the investigator’s job.
Create higher-quality intelligence products by searching all sources. Ease collaboration by seeing across systems and organizations.

Let’s talk about results

8X .

Investigation audits at a leading bank were 8 times faster after deploying Sinequa's software


An international intelligence agency's cases increased fivefold over a decade. With Sinequa software, their hiring needs grew at a much lower rate.

Mission assurance.

A global regulatory organization achieved its mission of investigating proposed mergers within a specific, aggressive timeline.

What our customers say.

"Sinequa provides an excellent insight search engine making sure search results are relevant for the user. It accomplish the objective of accessing the information you are looking for by providing easy connections with multiple systems and sources of information. Sinequa provides great flexibility, providing as much service and functionality as you need or allowing the client to customize their UI or use other additional functionality they might already have in combination with the Sinequa product."

Review from Gartner Peer Insights - 5 stars out of 5

Gartner peer insight

Supercharge your investigation intelligence.

Free investigators to spend their time applying their intelligence and judgment to their core work. Our software helps your investigators find the risk, detect the threat, assess the breach, value the deal and assess its consequences, or surface the pattern effectively and efficiently.

Ingest all sources

Ingest all sources.

Threats and risk shift and evolve endlessly. Sources change. Sinequa’s platform ingests content and data from any source, any format, and any language. All at scale.

Surface relationships and patterns

Surface relationships and patterns.

As it ingests content, the Sinequa platform enriches and maps it into entities and relationships. Example entities include people, places, and events. Using Sinequa as a tool, investigators can surface patterns, like money flowing between bank accounts and people. You can tailor the information and its presentation to investigator needs with no-code configuration.

Build intelligence communities

Build intelligence communities.

Smart investigation requires collaborating across teams, systems, silos, and organizations. Sinequa connects intelligence communities by allowing people to share and accumulate information securely. All this without having to import the data into repositories or data lakes.

Scale easily and securely

Scale easily and securely.

Sinequa’s agile architecture scales so you can adapt to emerging organizational needs and swelling data volumes, with minimal investment in infrastructure. And you can deploy on-premise, in the cloud, or in hybrid environments.

High Quality, Reliable Intelligence.

Learn how to deploy Investigation Intelligence.

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