Replay: Introduction to Enterprise Search.

What is Search?

Searching for information is something that is omnipresent in our lives today. It consists of finding the information we are looking for faster than ever in a large and ever-growing collection of data. When we talk about search, the first big name that comes to mind is “Google”.

But what about information search in companies? Here, information search encounters less volume and traffic, but more business complexity and more types and formats of data and sources. It is therefore difficult to find the information that is sought and relevant to the user. And yet, this concept is crucial for businesses to be ever more competitive.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn about (or rediscover) the origins and evolution of search in organisations and explore with us the broad applications of Search, such as :

  • Search and retrieve information where it is located
  • Classify and organise data without changing it
  • Explore, investigate, navigate ...
  • "Simply" let the machine help you throughout your workday
Michael Bach

Michael Bach

Solutions Engineer @Sinequa

Introduction to Enterprise Search

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'Replay: Introduction to Enterprise Search'

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Replay: Put Your Content to Work and Fuel Your Workforce

Today, employees still spend 25% of their time searching for the information they need to do their job. Even though organizations have several tools to up-level productivity and collaboration, the time employees waste searching is rising. It’s time to put your content to work.

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