Optimize Manufacturing Maintenance & Support Operations with Search

According to a 2022 CMSWire Report, 30% of employees never find the information they need to do their job. Now more than ever, the ability to drive revenue in manufacturing by suggesting improvements based on information shared across maintenance and service stakeholders is key to customer satisfaction, high-level decision-making, and growth into new market.

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Sinequa pour le Conseil d'Etat

Le Conseil d'État modernise son moteur de recherche avec Sinequa pour améliorer l'expérience utilisateur interne et externe.

Law Firms Workplace Search

Workplace Search for Law Firms

We’ve entered a new age of workplace demands. Firms are under constant pressure to maximize billable hours, manage growing masses of legal documents, and have higher client expectations than ever before. To address these needs effectively, firms need a fast, efficient way for lawyers and staff to reuse knowledge and make the best decisions possible. This eBook will share best practices for doing just that.

Intelligent Search Solutions for Asset Management

Intelligent Search Solutions for Asset Management

For asset and wealth managers, access to the right insights is critical to all aspects of the investment business, from making the right portfolio choices to expanding the number of products offered to clients. The right insights drive critical key portfolio decisions that bolster core revenue and surface incremental revenue opportunities.

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