The Espresso Guide to Intelligent Search for the Health and Life Sciences Sector

A Quick Guide: How Search Speeds Up Drug Discovery

You need billions of dollars, thousands of people, hundreds of compounds, and a dozen years to discover and develop the typical drug. Information sets the speed for this process. With smarter enterprise search, you can find what you know faster and discover what you don’t.

Read this Espresso Guide, a concise e-book, designed to read in the time it takes to drink your coffee. Written for decision-makers in the health and life sciences sector, it will help you to:

  • Learn how AstraZeneca uses search to accelerate a $4 billion per year R&D budget and built 10 custom search apps in three months.
  • See how enterprise search fixes the information gaps in each stage of the drug development process.
  • Wake up to how AI-powered search can save you the 85 years of reading time needed to digest the 3 million research papers and 33,000 journals published each year.

Download The Espresso Guide to understand how smarter search accelerates information access, analysis, and discovery across the drug development cycle.


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