The Data-Findability Revolution is happening in Life Sciences. Are you prepared to join it?

We’re living in the age of unprecedented data, but the scale of information is a double-edged sword; while the chance to analyze data brings revolutionary opportunities for Life Sciences to speed up EVERY PART of their work, the sheer volume of data has buried the useful pieces beneath an impenetrable mountain of proprietary systems, enterprise platforms, and paywall-protected databases.

The process of drug discovery and development is lengthy, complex, and expensive, but its products change lives. The best-of-the-best in the pharmaceutical industry have turned to artificial intelligence-powered search to streamline drug discovery and bring therapies to market faster, safer, and at a lower cost.

In this asset, you’ll learn:

  • How AI has transformed drug discovery and development
  • What R&D can do with AI Scientific Search (spoiler: it involves much faster drug target identification and lead compounds optimization)
  • Where top pharmaceuticals are using search to improve clinical trial success rates.
  • …and more!