Big Data Minds Europe.

Berlin, Germany
Sinequa at the Big Data Minds Europe exhibition on February 27 & 28, in Berlin! Visit our booth#4.

Big Data Minds Europe gathers decision-makers from diverse companies across Europe to discuss efficient data management, data analytics and data governance concepts and showcase successful Big Data projects.

80% of the data and content that the employees create and use to do their job is unstructured text that resides in business documents stored in files and other systems across multiple functions. These unstructured assets are often the most valuable as they contain data that can be construed into knowledge. However most of this content is hidden and therefore not easy to find.

The Sinequa Intelligent Search enables to connect unstructured and structured data for employees, with relevant information providing insights to make informed decisions. Your success as a company depends on the customer experience you provide, coupled with how well you engage with your employees. Both rely on having the right information available.


Sinequa and Volkswagen – Transforming Unstructured Data into Insights through Enterprise Search

Data is claimed to be the most valuable asset of any organization, but its actual business use remains a challenge, especially when it comes to unstructured data.

Enterprise Search makes it easy to connect to all that data – enterprise applications, files, documents, and emails in different languages. It provides a simple, unique interface to deliver information and insights to everyone without requiring particular expertise, and helps find meaning that raw data would have otherwise hidden.

In a short deep dive, you’ll discover how Volkswagen Group uses search technology for:

  • GDPR related data discovery
  • A lean overarching search
  • Business related holistic data views


Benjamin SinramTeam Lead of Enterprise Search and Group Purchasing Analytics at Software Innovation and Development - Volkswagen AG
Benjamin Sinram
Team Lead of Enterprise Search and Group Purchasing Analytics at Software Innovation and Development
Volkswagen AG
Big Data Minds Europe

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Practical information.

  • Feb. 27-28 2023
  • Titanic Chaussee Berlin Hotel
  • Chausseestraße 30 - 10115 Berlin

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