Enterprise Search for Life Sciences.

Informing the Advancement of Health.

Data overwhelms most life science organizations. It’s spread across siloed systems and difficult to turn into usable information and insights. This slows processes, such as the development time for new drugs or devices.

Use Sinequa’s platform to accelerate the drug discovery and development process, surface the right clinical trial data for analysis, and complete the digital workplace -ultimately, improving and saving the lives of patients.


Does your organization need help to:

  • Free data from siloed, legacy infrastructures and translate it into valuable information.
  • Unlock insights from disparate data types including structured and unstructured.
  • Help life science companies to answer questions by regulators (or even internal scientists) much faster.
  • Provide a digital workplace for all your workers.
  • Identify and protect personal data wherever it is stored.

The Espresso Guide to Intelligent Search for Life Sciences Sector.

This guide is meant for CIOs in life sciences sector - or anyone who’s interested in better using data and search in HLS for that matter. Intelligent search reduces friction, speeds up access, and provides the context you need to make informed decisions.

Trusted by leading life sciences organizations


Customer success story.

A top 10 biopharmaceutical company investing over $4 billion annually in R&D, with over 15,000 scientists in eight countries was struggling to find information across 180 million documents and many different systems.

They implemented Sinequa’s software, which helps scientists identify and answer questions quickly. It serves as an enablement platform to bring therapies to market faster and improve patient lives.

Soon thereafter, an internal application store was created on top of the Sinequa platform, to enable more agile information discovery across multiple departments and use cases. The app store started with R&D and now extends to over 40 applications that support over 61,000 employees.

Most of these very creative applications had not even been imagined at the beginning of the journey with Sinequa.

What our customers say.

"Sinequa is simply great technology. We immediately saw its benefit watching it perform something we didn’t know was possible. It makes an exponential difference for our organization. We were also impressed with the number of smart connectors available out-of-the-box and Sinequa’s unique ability to develop new ones."

Oliver Thoennessen, Senior Manager Global IT Drug Development

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Why do Life Sciences organizations use Sinequa's enterprise search platform?

Sinequa helps these organizations surface insights hidden in unstructured and structured data. This provides a connected view of genes, molecules, drugs, diseases, and patients. Our platform supports multiple use cases including enhancing R&D intelligence, optimizing clinical trials, and streamlining regulatory workflows.

Speed up drug development

Speed up drug development.

Saving time in the drug development cycle has huge value. Experimental drugs take an average of 12 years to get to market, at an average cost of $2bn. Sinequa’s software can help shorten time to market by helping R&D scientists find information, connect with other experts, and create a connected view of entities, such as compounds.

Create a digital workplace

Create a digital workplace.

Even before Covid-19, every workplace was moving to digital, often as part of a digital transformation program. Sinequa’s software works as the keystone of the digital workplace. It helps employees create a unified view across source systems tailored to their roles.

Connected care

Connected care.

Sinequa helps enable connected care by creating a 360-degree view of the patient. Our software works across technologies – from EHRs to CRMs – and data spread across multiple institutions. This means faster, more informed decisions.

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