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Microsoft & Sinequa Partnership: Better Together

Connect your Microsoft environment… and beyond

The benefits of Sinequa’s market-leading cloud search solutions made interoperable within the Microsoft ecosystem provide a winning combination for our customers. These benefits include accelerated deployments, reduced operating costs, and increased digital workplace user adoption. The Sinequa Search Cloud integration with Teams, SharePoint and other Microsoft enterprise applications provides a foundation for next gen collaborative applications, which are highly customizable and able to access all enterprise data. It will shape the future of work.

The most innovative organizations rely on Sinequa for relevant and complete search experience. With Sinequa’s Search Cloud, employees have access to all the information stored in Microsoft applications and can extend their search to include more than 200 other enterprise applications.

sinequa search cloud platform

Using Sinequa’s Insight Application builder, employees can assemble highly customizable insight apps seamlessly integrated with Microsoft applications, such as Teams and SharePoint – bringing the correct information to every employee.

DevOps Benefits of the Sinequa Search Cloud

Sinequa Search Cloud Platform, optimized for Azure streamlines cloud operations to accelerate deployments and simplify maintenance for DevOps teams. In the meantime, administrators gain the full advantages of Microsoft Azure: speed implementation, lower TCO, pay-as-you-grow model…

Sinequa has built a wide range of cloud-native capabilities on Azure, including dynamic indexing, native security, backup, and storage optimization.

You can also purchase your Sinequa license on the Microsoft Marketplace and immediately start.

sinequa search cloud platform

Procurement Benefits of the MACC-enabled contractual framework

The strong partnership between Sinequa and Microsoft means that any Microsoft customer who has a MACC contract can purchase a Sinequa license from the Azure marketplace. That license will automatically count towards the Azure consumption commitment they have made with their MACC. It will save time for any procurement department to add its Sinequa licenses to the existing contract.

Users benefit of an Augmented Knowledge-Based Collaboration with Sinequa for Teams

Put your employees at ease by providing them with a familiar work environment, augmented by the Sinequa search capabilities:

  • Sinequa within Teams provides a consistent interface allowing employees to stay within Teams and establishes Teams as the place to get work done.
  • Employees get access to non-Microsoft content without leaving Teams, enabling more-informed collaboration and improving team productivity.
  • Employees benefit from all of Sinequa’s advanced capabilities : Better relevance through NLP and Neural Search, Comprehensive views by including other content, Customizable Business-specific search Apps, and an interactive UI (not just search results)

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