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Airbus Helicopters Takes Technical Support and Customer Service to New Heights with Sinequa

With Sinequa, Airbus Helicopters enables self-service technical support and gains insights that contribute to the safety and innovation of aircraft

New York, USA – Paris, France – June 08 2022 – Sinequa, a leading provider of enterprise search, announced that Airbus Helicopters, the world’s leading manufacturer of helicopters and a division of Airbus, has transformed its technical support and customer experience by using Sinequa’s Intelligent Search platform. With this solution, Airbus Helicopters enables self-service technical support, improving customer experience and enabling technicians to operate more efficiently, while gaining valuable insights that contribute to the safety of its aircraft.

A Sinequa customer since 2013, Airbus Helicopters expanded the use of the platform this year to address increased requests made to its technical support department. With an estimated 30,000 queries per year and rising, 200,000 technical requests, and more than 3,000 technical documents created and approved under EASA Part 21, Airbus Helicopters Technical Support sought to enable unified search and extract insights from structured and unstructured data within message boards and technical documentation.

Using Sinequa’s extensible AI-powered search platform with advanced Natural Language Understanding (NLU), multi-language support and text mining capabilities, Airbus Helicopters’ Technical Support team developed a specialized search application – internally called Hyperion, that intends to enable self-service support and autonomy for over 20 percent of customer queries, delivering an estimated 60 percent resolution rate on simple queries. Additionally, response times for second-level support interactions are expected to be reduced by 5 to 10 percent.

“Sinequa is proud to work with Airbus Helicopters to help advance the company’s digitalization of its processes, and to improve the findability of vital information across the organization,” said Stéphane Kirchacker, Vice President, EMEA, at Sinequa. “We are pleased to support Airbus Helicopters in its pursuit of improved response and resolution times, optimizing its support operations and ultimately helping to guarantee optimal safety of its aircraft.”

Sinequa’s unique artificial intelligence and deep learning capabilities improve the understanding of the intent of queries and can be used to automatically detect trends and patterns in recurring support questions that could be used to inform decisions. Sinequa also gives Airbus Helicopters the ability to better manage access rights of various users to harden data security and meet strict compliance requirements.

Sinequa’s ease of implementation means it can meet Airbus Helicopters’ operational constraints. The reduction of response time and the quality and classification of results were particularly important in the development of the project. Airbus Helicopters’ management, customers, and technicians around the world now have access to Sinequa’s powerful solution, which enables new insights to be surfaced that were not accessible before.

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