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Virtual Launch of ‘The Pole of Possibility,’ A World-First Women’s Sit-Ski Antarctic Expedition

Join paralympic gold medallist Karen Darke for a live virtual event on Nov. 16 to kick-off the expedition and a new crowdsourced story project

New York, USA – Paris, France – November 09 2022 – Paralympic gold medallist and adventurer Karen Darke will host a virtual event on November 16 to kick-off a world-first journey across Antarctica. Proudly sponsored by enterprise search technology leader Sinequa, and other eco-conscious and wellness-forward organizations, The Pole of Possibility is a unique expedition and research project that aims to break world records and inspire possibility thinking: With enabling technology, team and mindset, we can all make our world healthier, happier and more sustainable.

Scheduled to begin early December 2022, the expedition will start in Antarctica at the 79th meridian west at Union Glacier Camp. With support from a small team, Karen will ski across the interior of Antarctica, traveling to the intersection of the 79th meridians, a point specifically chosen to create the Pole of Possibility due to the significance of the number. Seventy-nine is the atomic number of gold and one of the key expedition messages is of ‘Inner Gold’: the positivity within all us to improve our world. This expedition is also an attempt for a World-First for a female to sit-ski in Antarctica and a Guinness-Record for the furthest distance ever taken by sit-ski or handbike in Antarctica.

Call for Stories of Technology Innovation, Positive Mindset & Sustainability

To commemorate the expedition and its mission, Karen and team also launched today a new crowdsourced story project and invites everyone to submit personal stories about how they’ve overcome adversity and challenges through one of three categories: technology innovation; a positive mindset; or by a drive to live more sustainably. Karen will select stories from each of the categories to read live from Antarctica, and videos will be available for viewing from the Project Possibility website and related social media channels. Entries are due by 1st December 2022 and can be submitted via

Join the Virtual Launch Event

WHAT: Pole of Possibility Antarctic Expedition Virtual Launch & Crowdsource Story Project

WHEN: Wednesday 16 November 2022, 17:00 – 18:00 CET (11:00 am -12:00 pm EST)


  • Expedition team: Adventurer Karen Darke, documentary filmmaker Mike Webster, and Professor Mike Christie of Aberystwyth University who will use the expedition as a research platform to demonstrate the impacts of climate change on the Antarctic continent and how this has wider impacts to people and nature across the world.
  • Guest speakers: His Eminence Khedrupchen Rinpoche who will reflect on finding ‘inner gold’; Rosalind Savage on establishing connection; and Mike Robinson, Chair of the Scottish Royal Geographical Society on protecting our environment.
  • Sponsors: Representatives from Anatomical Concepts, BBraun, JD Foundation, The Polar Academy, Sinequa, Spinal Injuries Association and others.


For more information about the Pole of Possibility Expedition and Project, please visit

To donate to the Pole of Possibility project, visit the Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign at–2#/

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With my expedition to Antarctica, I hope to show people that no setback in life is enough to stop you from achieving amazing things, and that any challenge is ultimately surmountable with the right tools. I am only able to do the expedition thanks to incredible technological advances and the support of sponsors like Sinequa, which I am truly grateful for.

Karen Darke

Karen is an inspiration to us all, and we could not be prouder to play a part in what she does. Her motivations align perfectly with Sinequa’s as a company – continuously seeking out new challenges, harnessing the power of technology to make the world a better place and motivating others.

Mark Williams, CFO at Sinequa


About Karen Darke

Karen Darke is an award-winning, paraplegic adventurer and athlete who has pursued an ambitious programme of challenges with remarkable determination. She was a keen runner and climber until, at age 21, a fall left her paralysed from the waist down. This life-changing event could not stop her, and she took up hand-cycling, going on to win a silver medal at the London 2012 Paralympics and a gold medal in Rio in 2016. She has already done amazing things like hand-cycle across the Himalayas and climb up the infamous El Capitan cliff face, but the Antarctic journey will be even more challenging. Follow along for this expedition exploring Inner Gold, Connection and Environment in an inspiring project of sustainable wellness of people & planet.

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