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Sinequa Accelerates Time-to-Value with "Starter" Insight Apps

Starter Apps help customers build and deploy custom Insight Apps faster and more easily

New York, USA – Paris, France – October 05 2021 – Sinequa, a leading provider of Intelligent Enterprise Search, announces new accelerators for custom Insight Apps. These accelerators, referred to as Starter Apps, power highly tailored search experiences that bring all relevant enterprise content together in the flow of work for all employees. This significantly reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to build and scale powerful Insight Apps for today’s most complex and high-value use cases. These Insight Apps power the digital hybrid workplace of the future and benefit knowledge-intensive industries and applications such as life sciences, financial services, manufacturing, and intelligence and information discovery.

Starter Apps are pre-configured applications that bring together the reusable and extensible components of Sinequa’s Insight App Framework to deploy Insight Apps faster than ever before. Sinequa customers can use these Starter Apps as-is or quickly tailor them to meet the exact needs of employees in research, development, engineering, customer service, innovation, and other knowledge-intensive roles.

Jeff Evernham, Vice President, Product Strategy at Sinequa commented: “The value of Sinequa’s Starter Apps lies in their ability to create Insight Apps at speed. Customized search experiences have always taken longer to develop and deploy and have been more complex to maintain because of the extensive personalization required. Sinequa’s Starter Apps give enterprises the benefits of customization without having to compromise on delivery speed. Our customers and partners appreciate how the Starter Apps allow them to quickly deploy multiple Insight Apps that do what they need without all the effort typically associated with custom solutions.”

With Sinequa’s most recent 11.6.1 release, three pre-built Starter Apps are available today, with additional apps in development. The three Starter Apps are:

  • The Search Starter App is a fully functional, out-of-the-box UI that includes all the pieces of a standard enterprise search application without the need for any custom code.
  • For customers wishing to access insights across a large body of content, the Sinequa Analytics Starter App structures unstructured content and extracts valuable information for display on an interactive dashboard. This tool helps employees spot trends and relationships across vast quantities of data quickly and efficiently, providing insights to inform business strategy and drive better decision-making.
  • The Usage Dashboard Starter App makes it easy to analyze and track the usage of Sinequa applications. It makes it easy to monitor and promote adoption by monitoring use and providing insights on how to smooth interactions and increase the value of Sinequa deployments.

The Starter Apps are open source, providing complete flexibility and fostering a worldwide community for sharing extensions and variations of the apps for specialized purposes. Customers and partners can entirely modify the source code and adapt it to specific business needs and use cases, enabling them to meet simple or more advanced business requirements more efficiently and reduce development cycles from months to weeks or days.

“We developed and delivered an enterprise search Insight Application in eight weeks using Sinequa’s Starter Apps – a project that would have taken us many months to deliver without it. Sinequa’s Starter Apps have many features and built-in components that we have quickly adapted to meet our customers’ needs. Starter Apps will help us move even faster to create more Insight Apps and deliver greater value to our customers and our business,” said Prasanth Kedarisetty, Senior Vice President, Encore Software Services, a Sonata Software Company

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