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Sinequa’s Enterprise Search powers NASA’s new Science Discovery Engine

Empowering open science, the Science Discovery Engine, powered by Sinequa, allows scientists to explore the universe, from the tiniest of cells to the vastness of space, through discovery of NASA’s science data, documentation and code.

Paris, France – New York, USA – July 25 2023 – Today, Sinequa announced that its Enterprise Search platform is being used to empower the NASA Science Mission Directorate’s new Beta Science Discovery Engine (SDE).

Sinequa’s enterprise search solution, which leverages neural search and natural language processing capabilities, has been implemented by NASA to make its data more accessible and improve information discovery. The search provider has worked closely with a team of developers and researchers to formulate an infrastructure for the vast quantities of NASA science information. This work between Sinequa and NASA has led to the creation of the newly-launched SDE – a search capability that enables the discovery of data and information in a single location and which works across the SMD’s five focus areas: Astrophysics, Biological and Physical Sciences, Earth Science, Heliophysics and Planetary Science.

Bringing disparate data together

Powering the Science Discovery Engine, Sinequa enables users around the globe to pull information from over 84,000 datasets and over 715,000 documents, which are located across 128 different information sources, including websites, data repositories, and document archives. The solution has also been integrated with over 44,500 pieces of scientific software, models and tools and is already capable of understanding over 8,900 different scientific terms, with these numbers expected to grow in the near future.

While NASA has already brought in over 128 science information sources into the SDE, the agency plans to bring in more data and content in the coming months, which includes adding enhanced features to the user interface and further developing the SDE application programming interface.

Ulf Zetterberg, Co-CEO at Sinequa, commented: “The Science Discovery Engine is a fantastic infrastructure which helps both NASA scientists and communities around the world to find the information they need in just a matter of seconds, rather than minutes and hours. We are proud to be working with NASA to help transform and improve productivity across the whole organization, and we look forward to assisting in future as NASA looks to pull in more datasets and sources of information to power its insights engine. Sharing science and open information is the only way for science, technology and innovation to prosper, and it’s fantastic to be playing a part in making this happen.”

2023 has been declared as A Year of Open Science by NASA, as a celebration of the benefits and successes of open source technology and to inspire more scientists to adopt open science practices. The SDE was launched in conjunction with this initiative and as part of the five-year Transform to Open Science (TOPS) mission, which is an on-going campaign for the Open Source Science Initiative (OSSI) at NASA. The TOPS mission has been designed to rapidly transform agencies, organizations, and communities, with the goal of creating an inclusive culture of open science that is ready for 21st century challenges.

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