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Sinequa to Showcase Neural Search at Microsoft Inspire 2022

Sinequa joins Microsoft for a live Ask the Experts session on optimizing the benefits of Neural Search with the latest NVIDIA GPU instances on Azure

New York, USA – Paris, France – July 18 2022 – Search Cloud provider Sinequa today announced it will be demonstrating its industry leading Neural Search at Microsoft Inspire 2022, which takes place virtually on July 19-20. In addition, Sinequa Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, Xavier Pornain will join Microsoft for a live Q&A during the digital event.

With the latest NVIDIA GPU and Azure elasticity, Sinequa can now offer its customers Neural Search capabilities, the next generation of natural language processing (NLP) technology based on the most sophisticated use of deep learning in the enterprise search industry. Introduced in June and currently in beta with select Sinequa customers, Sinequa Neural Search is the first commercially available solution to use four deep learning language models. These models are pre-trained and ready to use in combination with Sinequa’s advanced NLP and semantic search and deliver unprecedented relevance, accuracy and question-answering capability, optimized to run efficiently, even at scale.

Join the Discussion – Tuesday, July 19, 11:30 am -12:00 pm PT

Join Sinequa Senior Vice President of Corporate Development, Xavier Pornain on Tuesday July 19th from 11:30 am – 12:00 pm PT for a live Q&A on how Sinequa’s Cloud Search platform with the latest Neural Search capabilities are made possible with the latest NVIDIA GPU instances on Azure.

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Visit the digital Sinequa Partner Zone at Microsoft Inspire to see video demonstrations and access articles and partner guides about Sinequa’s Cloud Search platform with industry-leading Neural Search capabilities. Connect with experts to discuss how Sinequa can help partners leverage the power of Sinequa Search Cloud, optimized for Azure, to deliver world-class search solutions.

The benefits of Sinequa’s market-leading cloud search solutions made interoperable within the Microsoft ecosystem provide a winning combination for partners and customers. These benefits include accelerated deployments, reduced operating costs, and increased digital workplace user adoption. The Sinequa Search Cloud integration with Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and other Microsoft enterprise applications provides a foundation for next-generation collaborative applications, which are highly customizable and able to access all enterprise data.

Microsoft customers that have a MACC contract can purchase a Sinequa licence from the Azure marketplace. That licence will automatically count towards the Azure consumption commitment they have made with their MACC. It will save time for any procurement department to add its Sinequa licences to the existing contract.

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