Intelligence and law enforcement agencies around the world are facing ever-growing threats. From civil conflicts, weapons of mass destruction, and nuclear and chemical arms, to money laundering, terrorist acts and cyberattacks, these threats are mounting every day. Needless to say, intelligence organizations have been charged with high-stake missions, but predicting the future is a daunting task.

Defense and Security organizations require instant insights at their fingertips for quick information analysis and decision-making to address these challenges:

  • Exponentially growing amounts of information to be collected and processed
  • Variety of sources and formats (OSINT/COMINT, social media i.e. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc.)
  • Complexity of text information in multiple languages

Cognitive Search & Powerful Analytics for Defense and Security.

Transform Intelligence Big Data into Actionable Insights

Intelligence analysts need an intuitive way to extract insight from massive-scale of data contained in various internal and external sources – everything from signals and transcripts to fund transfers, e-mails and social media.

Sinequa Insight Platform enables low-friction, yet pervasive, interaction between experts and high-quality information by combining a unique blend of technologies: a powerful multilingual search engine, deep content analytics including NLP and a number of machine learning algorithms that help dealing with the classification of content and with the detection of relationships.

Sinequa Cognitive Search and Powerful Analytics help Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies get operations-relevant insight out of vast amounts of even the most heterogeneous data.

Defense & Security Organizations Select the Sinequa Insight Platform to:

  • Monitor social media interactions
  • Detect money laundering, fraud & terrorist financing
  • Identify & correlate threats & cyberattacks with sophisticated text analytics in multiple languages
  • Solve crime cases with powerful search capabilities