Relevant knowledge at the right time is priceless in the enterprise” according to Forrester. This is particularly true in the highly competitive chemical industry, where knowledge is hidden in a deluge of structured and unstructured data, buried among publicly available sources like trade databases, scientific publications, and patents, and internally from cloud-based collaboration platforms and more.

During this 40-minute session, Mark Capell, IT Project Manager at Sika AG, will introduce the genesis of AI-powered Search & Analytics at Sika on their Journey to become Information-Driven.

While Bert Frei, Chief Customer Officer at DTI AG, and Patrick Métaireau, EMEA Channel Director at Sinequa, will present:

  • The state of the art of Search and why large organizations in every industry need to be equipped with an AI-Powered Search platform
  • The added value of the DTI-Sinequa partnership in delivering successful AI-Powered Search projects

About Sika AG:

Sika AG is a specialty chemical company for building and motor vehicle supplies, headquartered in Baar, Switzerland. It has a leading market position in both the building sector and the automotive industry. Business activities focus on the seven target markets.