Design your Machine Learning journey.

Over the last couple of years, AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning have received unprecedented attention and are reaching the top of the hype cycle. But today, despite many technology breakthroughs and success stories from early adopters (GAFA), few enterprise organizations are reaping the promised benefits.

The journey alongside Sinequa customers deploying AI-powered search solutions has taught us some valuable lessons we would like to share.

During this webinar, Adrien Gabeur, Director of AI Solutions at Sinequa, will present:

  • An overview of what pragmatic AI can do for you, bridging the gap between its long-term potential and today’s capabilities.
  • Tips for identifying the highest ROI use cases, which can be addressed with Machine Learning Models today.
  • Two real-world solutions in production today, powered by AI technology:
    – Automated classification and identification of confidential documents for compliance.
    – Routing of inbound requests for optimized customer service.