Follow the GsK’s journey partnering with Sinequa, harnessing the Cloud Search platform’s value to modernize their enterprise workplace search for the whole company while using it as a cornerstone to GSK’s R&D search capabilities.

Join GsK Director of Software Engineering Srini Raghavan’s thought leadership session at Inform Online, to understand how Sinequa is used to remove innovation’s obstacles and speed go-to-market. You’ll also learn how to build the business case for intelligent search in the pharmaceutical space.

Watch the video to learn about:

  • GSK’s Knowledge Management Transformation: Discover how Sinequa revolutionized knowledge management practices at GSK, a leading pharmaceutical company, overcoming data challenges and optimizing information access.
  • Cognitive Search and Analytics: Explore how AI-powered cognitive search and analytics capabilities unlocked valuable insights from GSK’s complex data sources, empowering data-driven decision-making and innovation.
  • Time-to-Value and Collaboration Benefits: Witness the accelerated time-to-value, improved collaboration, and tangible benefits GSK experienced through streamlined workflows and enhanced decision-making processes.